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Good morning! I’m going to preface this gift guide by telling you that I have absolutely NO clue what men want as presents. So I am basing this list off the last 5 things Matt has gotten and loved or bought himself that he loves. My only real contribution is picking out the card.

1. Whiskey Stones. Keeps their whiskey chilled without watering it down with ice cubes!

2. George Dickel Whiskey. This bottle goes for about $40….this blog can give you more details!

3. Man’s Search for Meaning. Apparently this is a MUST read for all men. Matt just started reading it and is loving it!

4. Logitech Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Speaker. Ok, so this is expensive, but Matt and I just invested and this little thing is amazing. It runs off your phone’s Bluetooth connection. You can take it anywhere so it’s perfect for outdoor parties!

5. Duck Island Dopp Kit. They have these a lot of places so it’s just a matter of finding a style you think the papa in your life will like!

Hope this helps with some last minute gift ideas!! Anything you would add?

Happy Wednesday!