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Good morning all! HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Eeek! It’s been a great week, but this mama could use a little r&r. For sure. Here are my little nuggets of joy that have left me smiling all week!

1. Not only is this candle visually appealing, it is lavender scented. Bring on the relaxation!

2. Dior Addict Lip Glow in Sheer Pink Coral. This looks divine.

3. I am a little worried about my next appointment on Monday. They may tell me to slow my roll a little. Sweets are my new thing. Dying to give this chocolate mousse a try.

4. This clipboard is perfect and a pretty reasonable price! Might have to meander over to Papersource very soon!

5. These pens I’m telling you, have magical powers. They have the ability to brighten any day.

6. Chloe Scallop Flats. Ok, so the only way to afford these beauties is to buy them used. And, of course, they are sold out. I am on the hunt for something similar. May just do a shoe post next week.

7. This sweatshirt cracks me up. Onesies, sweaters, and shirts with sayings seem to be the only gender neutral clothing I am finding these days. And I don’t hate it.

8. I am pretty much obsessed with June and January right now. Not real friendly in the gender neutral department, BUT they just launched their new blankets and I am dying. They look so soft and they are darling to boot!

9. I swear I can make these gender neutral. I bought a similar pair about two years ago, WAY before we were ever expecting because I cannot resist a striped shoe. I absolutely cannot wait to dress this baby!

Well, that’s it for me! Hope you all had a great week and found some things that made you smile! Have a wonderful weekend!