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Unfortunately, I have to start off with our unhappy news.  We lost our sweet Graham.  Natalie and Tad took him in when he was skin and bones and nourished him in every way possible.  He brought so much happiness to our family.

 Spent a rainy Saturday morning brunching with Amanda from Girl About Columbus and Liz from Breathe It All In at Alchemy.  We chatted over avocado toast and smoothies about all things mommy.  Love these ladies!

Finally got caught up on my snail mail…

 …which included the loads of boxes that have been arriving.  We have not really had the time to go together to pick out what we need, so we opted to have most of it shipped and it was like Christmas morning going through all of it!

The babe and I at 33 weeks!  We threw ourselves a pity party since we didn’t get to go to Florida last weekend and went on a little shopping spree!  We almost have Christmas done!

What the what?! It’s November!!  I feel a certain anxiousness about Christmas’ arrival, but also can’t bear to put away my pumpkins.  Gonna just be a weird hodge podge for awhile!

THE ROYALS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!  So stinkin’ incredible!  My mom was 8 months pregnant with me the last time they won the world series in ’85 and so it just feels like fate.  Can’t wait for our baby to grow up watching the boys in blue!

The baby room is 99% complete.  Come on baby!  We are ready for ya!

What snazzy things have you all been up to?  Hope you have all had an excellent start to November!  Have a great weekend!

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