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I sat and attempted to curate the perfect diaper bag and I am pretty sure I have failed miserably.  I am noticing a trend with all things baby–live and learn!  We are ready to start!

We have so so much to do still, but alas, this is all I have the energy for…

Everywhere we look there are so many cute reminders that baby is just around the corner!

I managed three Christmas parties in the last week and a blogger brunch!  I’ll call that a social success as I’m pretty sure that’s more socialization than I did my entire pregnancy!

 I just adore the network of ladies I’ve met through blogging in Columbus.  This past weekend we headed to The Guild House for a little holiday celebration!

We also hosted a favorites party for my work peeps this week!  You bring three of your favorite $10 items (can make any limit) and then, if you have a large group, draw names for three rounds of choosing from all the favorite items!  When you leave, you have three of your friends’ favorite items!  If you have a smaller group, you can bring enough for everyone and do a smaller dollar amount.  I have also done challenges like favorite $2 item for the kitchen! So much fun!

My last to-do was oh so important.  Nails.  Had to do something to feel a little pretty in all the chaos!

And now we wait.  We are officially scheduled for induction Sunday at 9 p.m. if nothing happens sooner!  We have been anticipating this weekend for so many months/years.  I remember our first appointment so clearly.  I went by myself (tricked Matt a little) so that I could do a little surprise announcement for him after I knew for sure…I was so nervous and then everything just felt right when they walked in and told me the best news of my life.  I was a mama.  Now, in just a matter of hours, we get to meet that sweet babe!

Next time we chat, baby will be here!
Have a great weekend, friends!