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Eleanor is getting more and more curious about the world around her.  It is so fun to watch!

Our little Valentine needed a little  spoiling this holiday!  We gave her this bookthese leggingsthis giraffe, and a lovely tee from Jean and June!

I hope hope hope her eyes stay this blue.  Alas, genetics will probably turn them green/brown.  Also:  this was her third Valentine’s day outfit due to a series of lovely blowouts.

You guys.  I printed pictures.  Like, actually, physically printed them.  500 of them.  My mom was the best about taking and printing pictures when we were kids and it is so so fun looking through all of them.  I resolve to be better!

Reading to E is just about my favorite thing to do.  Books with lots of colors and almost no words are her favorite.  We love this book!

Today was E’s two month appointment.  I was absolutely dreading it.  Not only does it mean she is getting big, but it was the SHOTS appointment.  I brought all of her favorite things and I skipped the mascara!

Turns out the appointment was harder for me.  She let out a little cry, but they are fast and before we knew it, it was over.  Now let the extra cuddles commence!

Next week she officially turns two months!  Back to the dreaded yellow chair we go!  She will definitely thank me one day.  I am sure of it.

Have a great weekend, friends!