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We have had a couple of nice days here and you better believe we busted out Eleanor’s sunglasses and stroller and hit the town!

Eleanor and I had our first playdate and let’s just say the bow was the only survivor.  First public blowout.  Check.

Mama got birth announcements out.  Feel very proud of myself.  Only took two months!

It rained one day.  Soooooo I had to put her in the raincoat I bought a year ago that is 4 times too big.  Had to.

Last Friday was quite somber at our house, knowing it was our last official day together.  We decided to forgo the crib nap and nap with mommy instead.

On Sunday, daddy thought it might be a good idea for baby girl and me to have a girly day together shopping.  I came home with so many bags of baby clothes and the hubby said NOTHING.  I guess he knew better.

This week has gone better than expected, leaving her in the mornings is hard, but I know she is in great hands.  Plus, it helped that Matt’s mom came to stay a couple of days so I could run home and give lots of kisses!  Our reunion each night is the highlight of my day!

What all have you been up to? Hope some sun is headed your way next week.  This snow has got to go!
Happy Friday!