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Summer has finally arrived!  This winter babe was ready to soak up that vitamin D!

E and I celebrated our first Mother’s Day (well, with her on the outside) and while she didn’t give me a whole lot of sleep, she did give me lots of smiles AND a spa gift certificate.  Girl knows her Mama!

E LOVES her high chair!  She has learned to mostly keep her toys on there, but when she wants to make a game of it, or get my attention, the toys go flying!

Y’all I have been waiting to put this sweater on this baby for far too long.  I bought it way before we knew about E and I gave it to Matt as an extra birthday gift to tell him E was on the way.  There were definitely squeals when I put this on her for the first time!  She went with our school to the zoo.  This shot was of her looking at all the students looking at her like she was one of the zoo animals.  She ate it up all day long.

I took this selfie after we saw the baby polar bear, Nora, for the first time!  She doesn’t look it here, but she loved it, I know she did.

I got exactly one hour to myself and what did I do?  Went and stocked up on baby accessories of course!

Contrary to this photo, she does not in fact like these glasses, so this was really the only photo I got that she wasn’t trying to rip them off and play with them!

We have been squeezing in lots of family time and little miss E is loving it!

…and just like that…it’s JUNE!  I honestly cannot believe it!  I decided that this month, I need to focus on myself a little, treat myself to a little pampering; cash in that spa gift card, but first I obviously had to splurge on these cute moccasins for E’s first birthday.

Just yesterday E starting doing this weird gasping/coughing thing that she immediately noticed got our attention REAL fast so now she does it all the time…IS THIS NORMAL?!  Gah, babies are weird, but golly they are the cutest!

What all have you guys been up to?!  Hopefully soaking up these sunny days!