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TEN MONTHS!!! The last month has flown by, literally.  We have a fast one on our hands!  She is into everything and can now run away when she gets ahold of something.  She started walking shortly after she turned nine months and has gotten faster every day.  This has caused some of those rolls to disappear which we are sad about, but knew was inevitable once she got on the move!  She definitely understands what we are saying because we will say things like bring us the ball and as long as we point to it, she will bring it!  Really feels like we can communicate with her now!  She knows how to get what she wants by pointing and, if you don’t do it right away, is accompanied by a scream.  During the week she takes about three naps because I am not sure how soundly she sleeps at the sitter with the other kiddos so she takes a little siesta when she gets home, but on the weekend it’s a decent morning and afternoon nap.  10-11 hours at night is still her happy place, but there’s still that pesky 4 am wake up from time to time (like this morning).  The need for paci at night has mostly faded too, except for when those teeth cut (two on top coming in now!).  She’s still on her normal bottle schedule for the most part, but just also eats solids three meals a day.   Overall, I mostly feel like she is getting ready to jet off to kindergarten in these pictures which is just terrifying.  They grow up too fast, but we are just loving every minute with our sweet pea!  Just two months until the big ONE!