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img_1425img_1428img_1430img_1437img_1442img_1452img_1458Twelve months has arrived and we are just so proud of our baby girl.  She is the sweetest baby and we are absolutely in awe of her.  Not a whole lot has changed since Eleven Months! except that her obsession with babies has intensified and it has very clearly become her first word.  She loves to put her baby in their high chair and feed them, covers them up with a blankie, gives them a bottle, burps them, and gives them lots of kisses.  She has gotten one more tooth up top, with one more clearly coming in.  She remembers lots of processes now, including putting the binky away after she wakes up.  We just walk over to the shelf where we keep them and she puts it away; it’s kind of the sweetest.  Every day in December we have put something in her stocking and now she knows to go look and she remembers what she got if you ask her to go show someone what Santa brought her.
It has been the happiest year watching this little girl grow into the little person she is today.  Each day felt like a new adventure with ups and downs and navigating a whole new territory.
Here is a look back at each month!
One Month!
Two Months!
Three Months!
Four Months!
Five Months!
6 Months + Giveaway
Seven Months!
Eight Months!
Nine Months!
Ten Months!
Eleven Months!

I just also want to say thank to each and every one of you for being a part of this year with us.  It truly takes a village and we have a heck of a tribe that has been on this incredible journey with us.  Thank you for loving Eleanor as much as we do!