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IMG_7130IMG_7158IMG_7169IMG_7172IMG_7174IMG_7160IMG_7216IMG_7220Ten months is here!  Well like two weeks ago, but who’s counting?!  Hey.  I am ahead on birthday stuff.  Does that count?
With two kids now fully on the move we now feel like we have two toddlers under two on the move and not just two under two in the house generally speaking.  Trust me when I say those are two very different things.
Claire has herself a sassy, but sweet personality.  She loves to lay her head down on anything soft and/or your shoulder if you pick her up.  You’ll just look over and she’ll be laying down on the ground with her head on a pillow.
She can completely stand on her own and has taken a step here or there, but not walking  quite yet–any day now!  When she crawls she has what we call a Lurch leg.  One leg pops up funny, but it helps her go really fast.  And when she gets excited her feet start swirling and she sucks in air.  It’s actually kinda scary if you don’t know what she’s doing and you hear it out of nowhere.
She loves the bath, finger foods, and whatever Eleanor is doing.
She sleeps from 7-when we wake her up in the morning which is usually around 6:30, she will sleep a little later on the weekends.  She is down to one nap from about 12-3.  We aren’t sure if this is because that’s what E does and so we’ve helped her be on that schedule or if she’s just a one nap kinda gal.  E was taking two naps for a long time, but Claire just hasn’t been into it.  One nap suits her fine.  (we’re just happy she’s sleeping at all–if you take a look back you’ll remember this chick wasn’t really into sleep until about 6 months.)
She eats solids 5-6 times a day plus her almost 40 ounces of bottles.

Just like her sister, she’s also a champ in the car.  In her ten months we’ve traveled to Kansas City, Chicago, Memphis, Goshen, and a few other places and she just goes with the flow.  Sleeps after she eats and plays for a bit.  Sleeps in her Dockatot wherever we go and sleeps all night, even if she took two 3 hour naps in the car.

AND JUST LOOK AT THOSE TEETH!!  She’s got two more coming in on top and I think she’s in some pain–she’s having some trouble settling at night.  Hopefully they fully pop through soon!! Those first ones are a bear!!

We love you C!

And…here is E at Ten Months!