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Good morning!! In the last two years, I have been pregnant for a total of 70 weeks.  And somehow I have yet to write this post!  So, today I thought I would share a few of my essentials that have gotten me through!

Clothing: The simpler the better.  I have collected most of my items from generous friends who were done with babies so I have been lucky because buying seasonally appropriate items that fit for only 10 months can get ridiculous.  So, my advice is to go simple and buy things that you can mix or match so that you can wear them several times in new ways!  I also try to get things that I would wear after too like a baggier sweater or one that has slits down the side that can grow with you.  I also have the added constraint of thigh high compression hose.  Which by the way, I was reading one of my fave bloggers and she put a link to this video on how to actually put on compression hose.  I almost cried.  I have been putting them on incorrectly/painfully for almost 70 weeks so if you have to wear them, watch this!  So most of my outfits revolve around how to cover them up which is usually not cute especially when it warms up!  But overall, these four things are my staples along with a solid collection of leggings:
Olive Skinny Jeans
Maternity Tees
Long Cardigans

Sleep: At some point, probably early on, you are going to want to get yourself a a body pillow for between your legs while you sleep.  I know some people that have a lot of pain will invest in something more fancy, but again here I was hoping to get away with something that I could potentially use beyond pregnancy and a simple one from Target has worked out pretty well!

Vitamins:  I went pretty simple here too with just the Target Brand, but I also take these!

Oils and Lotions:  I chose to invest my money here versus the other three categories so far because the majority of my pregnancies have fallen in the cold/dry months so moisture is no joke because you are already itchy as it is.  Plus, compression hose aren’t exactly anti-itch.  I use all of these multiple times a day.
Belly Oil
Kiehl’s Creme de Corps
Refresh Oil
Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment

Food and Drink:  All of the things, but especially tea will be your new best friend.  I drink around 3-4 cups a day.

Other Random Things: Root Coverup has been a lifesaver because I am too tired to do anything in the first and third trimesters and my hair grows ridiculously fast as it is, plus add vitamins.  General fatigue is also why dry shampoo and Face Wipes are also staples around here.  Oh, and gum.  Gum is literally the only thing that keeps me from eating 24/7.

What else would you add?  What am I missing?  I still have ten weeks left and this is about the time my mind turns to complete mush so any ideas to help with that would be much appreciated!!

Have a great day!!

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