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Good morning!! As a follow up to yesterday’s post, as promised, here are some of my favorites for the boys!  Back when I thought Eleanor was going to be a boy, which now seems so so odd, I stocked up on boy clothing and many of those items remained in her wardrobe which I kind of love.   I really love boy clothing and there are some amazing pieces out for spring/summer this year!

1. How stinking cute are these sunglasses!?  AND they are only $5.

2. I just about keeled over when I saw this hat.  And again, a steal at $8.

3. For those chilly mornings and evenings, this light sweatshirt and jacket are perfect.

4. Leggings like these or these are great for transition or evenings and then SHORTS!  I like that these can be dressed down with a tee or tank or up with a linen shirt!

5. Like I mentioned in the girl post, rainboots are toddler gold–E can almost get hers on by herself!  I love these!

6. These striped shoes I actually bought before I had E and she wore them because I just love them.  So, so much.

7. I thought my love for Natives went deep and then I saw that this pair GLOWS IN THE DARK!!  They actually have several colors that do!!  How perfect for the spring and summer evenings!?!

8. And don’t forget about my post on Swimwear for the Littles!

Happy shopping and a very happy Thursday!