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Spring has sprung, people!  Here in Ohio, the temps have stayed at a fairly steady 60-70 degrees and the little person in our house is loving it.  I think there would be riots if there was even a hint of snow in the forecast.  With all the baby prep, spring kind of snuck up on me this year.  E loves to get outside and all of sudden I found that her plentiful wardrobe really didn’t contain many warmer temperature pieces.  I think we’ve finally reached the point in her life/growth that we have to actually shop every season.  Before, she just had tons of stuff that were a wide range fit (think 6-12 months) that we got at showers, hand me downs, or that I bought when I saw a good deal, etc…and I just mixed and matched to fit the season.  Now, she is growing like a weed and is now a healthy 2T.  Plus, last year she didn’t really play much outside so I could get away with less summer specific items.  She has a lot of sweatshirts and sneakers that fit, but she was lacking in sandals that fit, spring dresses, and short sleeves.  Leggings will make a great transition piece, but soon it will be all shorts all day!

There are so many great pieces out there for girls right now (and don’t worry boy mamas–I have a post coming next on toddler boys!) so let’s get to it!

1. Eleanor has these sunglasses in blue and they are by far my favorite thing ever.  She doesn’t keep them on long, but I think she’ll grow to love them like her bows which she now tries to put on herself. 🙂

2. These bows are seriously darling.  I also love her June and January knotted headbands.

3.  It’s still pretty chilly in the mornings and in the evenings so a jacket is a must.  This one would also double nicely as a rain jacket!

4. Off the Shoulder Top

5. This dress would be perfect with a cardigan and can be worn well into the summer.  I’m thinking this would be a perfect dress for Memorial Day and/or Fourth of July!  And at $13?!  It’s a steal.

6.  Love these linen shorts and these striped shorts, I actually kinda want them to come in my size?

7. E has these Native shoes in multiple colors and sizes.  They are the same texture as Crocs, but closed in which I think is great for this age!

8. Just ordered these rainboots in the next size E will need so they are ready to go when she outgrows her yellow Hunter boots!  Rainboots are solid gold in toddler world.

9.  I mentioned these sandals in last week’s favorite’s post and I cannot wait to get them!! Gah, baby toes!!

10.  A couple of weeks ago I also posted a roundup of Swimwear for the Littles!

Happy shopping and wahoo for warmer temps!!
Happy Wednesday!