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Our littlest sweet pea turned one month this week!  Although I’m not really sure when I am supposed to do this when she was born on the 31st?  It’ll end up just being the perfect excuse to be late every month!  We are settling into a semi-eating/sleeping routine, even though both are still very much on demand.  She sleeps in 3-6 hour stretches at night from about 10 pm-8 am, but hasn’t really quite figured out the extended daytime naps.  She loves laying in the bath, but the washing part, not so much.  She loves E’s attention most of the time and we have gotten lots of smiles already!  We honestly couldn’t have dreamt up a better addition to our family.  She’s really swept us all up into her tiny little 10 pounds 3 ounce self.  We love you, Claire!

And in case you are interested in comparing our two littles from month to month here is E at one month!

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