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I cannot believe it has been since Before Claire that I did a life update.  And then we had her and our lives turned upside down!  So, here goes a very long post!
We were VERY fortunate to have so many family members come and stay right after we had Claire.  It may have seemed like I was conquering all, but there was actually almost always a posse in the background and another set of troops back at the house cooking and cleaning.  Our tribe is amazing.
We hit up almost every park in Columbus this summer, complete with picnics and trying to climb up every slide.  I was so glad I had this soothe shirt so that I had both hands free to play with E while still snuggling the babe!
This girl and her fanciness crack me up.
Getting out of the house was seriously one of the only ways we stayed sane in those first months.  E was entertained and we were able to eat hot food.  Win-win!
We checked off several summer bucket list items this summer at Columbus Commons!
Those snuggles make it all worth it I tell you!
We have created a little laundry ritual that really only happens once every month (thank goodness we have two girls and have a ton of friends with girls–we have no shortage of clothes around here).  We pull their carts out during nap time and fold–then you can just roll it back in when they wake up!
Eleanor turned 18 months and I shared some of our 12-18 Month Essentials!
Like I said, getting out was a must, so we ventured out to check out the bunny splash pad in Dublin!
I wrote a post about Establishing a Nighttime Routine!
If you live in Columbus.  Get a zoo pass.  We did the guest plus so that we could go on a playdate at the zoo!  We would take the mama on the pass with us and the kiddos under two get in free!!  Such a deal.
This girl loves everything about holiday food.  Fourth of July munchies are no exception.
Baseball love runs deep in our family.  We had to make it out to a Clippers game!
I shared this car in my 12-18 Month Essentials post, but it also would have been good to add to The Perfect Baby Shower Gift post because oh my gosh this car has been an obsession from the minute she got it.  She will use it for years.
Rib and Jazz fest in matching wellies!
Hilliard Station Splash pad is amazing!!  I wrote a whole post right before I had C here.
We also made it out on the lake.  Everyone was happy once the lifevests were on and we were moving.  It was really headed south for a minute there.
I partnered up with LÍLLÉbaby to share some tips on life with two under two!
Matt and I were able to sneak in a date night and it was SO very much needed.  When we are feeling pulled in a million directions, making time for us and for our relationship has to be a priority.  For your chance to enter to win a $100 gift card to Jord Watches all you have to do is fill out the form here!
Claire turned One MonthTwo Months, and Three Months and we shared a little bit about how we got her feeling a little better after month two!
We shared A Goldfish Swim School update and a fun event happening for free here in Columbus!  Be sure to check it out!

AND PHEW!  That’s it for us.  With work, two kids, and a never ending to-do list, life has been a whirlwind, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world!

What have you guys been up to??  I feel like I am missing everything!  Fill me in!
Have a great weekend!