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Good afternoon!! Hope your weeks are off to a great start!! Today I am so excited to update you all on E’s progress at Goldfish Swim School!  Lessons have been a little spotty with the arrival of Claire and adjusting to life with two under two, but the second we walk into Goldfish, E’s eyes light up and she picks up right where she left off!  Swim lessons have truly become a way for E and daddy to bond while I hang out behind the glass with Claire.  They practice kicking and pulling to get ready for lessons–so sweet.

Her newest skills:
can kick her feet and pull her arms when asked
can climb out of the pool with a little nudge
go under water without freaking out
swims to instructor and back (HUGE)
not losing her mind when she spots me behind the glass or when I come in and watch her the last five minutes (also huge)

Activities she loves:
going after the balls with the floaty barbell and putting them in the bucket
highfiving on the way into lessons
people watching
getting on the floaty duck and immediately jabbing her fist into the eye
getting in the canoe (THE BEST)

Still working on:
floating on her back

To take a look back at how far she’s come:

SO little in that first lesson!!  I love seeing how far she’s come, scared and only consoled by a baby doll to giggling and loving her time in the water!  Thank you so much, Goldfish for helping her overcome so many fears!!

Has your little overcome any fears this summer?  Such a special thing to watch them blossom and practice with their new confidence!

To find a location near you, head here!
Have a great day!

*This post was written in partnership with Goldfish Swim School, but all opinions, as always, are my own!