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Oh my gosh you guys!  Happy Friday!  This is a post I have been dying to share with you all.  E’s first swim lessons!  When Goldfish Swim School contacted me to set up some lessons for E, I literally could not say yes fast enough.  Anyone we talk to said to get her signed up ASAP, that the teachers and staff there were literally the kindest and most effective swim teachers out there.  Well, let me just tell you.  We put them to the test on her first swim lesson.  She wasn’t too thrilled at the idea of getting in a pool.  Hello, winter baby!  But, y’all, the instructor we had could not have been sweeter about it.  He said it was fairly normal and he even let her have the baby that he uses to demonstrate to parents what to do in order to keep her somewhat calm.

Ok, fast forward one week to swim lesson #2.  I sat behind the glass (no swimsuit for me!!!) and got to watch Matt take E for her swim lesson.  I literally think my heart exploded into a thousand pieces watching them.  Yes, I was that parent.  They had an absolute blast.  No tears at all and she was already gaining so much confidence in the water.

We go again tomorrow and the instructor said we are going to try to go under water this time!!  I will keep you posted on that one 🙂  There’s also a roundup of cute swimwear for your little fishy here!

To see if there is a Goldfish Swim School near you check out their website–you won’t regret getting them started early!

I hope you all have an excellent weekend!

*This post was sponsored by Goldfish Swim School, but all opinions, as always, are my own!