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Well, Seven months is here!! It has been a whirlwind since Six Months with the holidays and Claire’s Baptism!  In the sleep department, we have seen some improvement, but sleeping through the night is still not a guarantee.  She either takes two short naps or one long midday nap.  If she sneaks in a little early evening nap because the timing is off from the other nap/s things might get a little hairy.  She is taking between 30-40 ounces a day PLUS solids.  She’s our eater for sure.  She’s almost 18 pounds, putting her in the 75th percentile.

She also LOVES to take a bath with big sister.  She is almost crawling so can scoot around pretty well in the bath.  I have feeling she is going to be like E and skip right to walking.  She really wants to crawl, but I think by the time she figures it out, she will also have figured out how to walk.  She pulls herself up almost to standing so for E walking was a pretty quick next step.  We shall see!

She is still on her acid reflux meds, but we do not plan on refilling it to see if she has outgrown it.  Claire is pretty hot and cold.  She will be happy as a lark, playing peacefully on her own for two hours and then bam, she loses it for the next hour.  So, we’ve blamed a couple of things, but I just think she knows what she wants, so it should be solved as soon as she can talk 🙂

Overall, I really can’t think of a sweeter babe.  When she’s fussy it is usually for a reason and she returns to her happy self.

Can’t believe we’re already over the hump to ONE YEAR!
We love you little C!

Here is E at Seven Months!