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VALENTINE’s DAY is HERE!  I’m finally coming out of my coma of newborn stage now that C is mostly sleeping through the night.  And I’m ready to get back to sharing all the things I love!
And can you all tell I love shopping for the girls?!  Nevermind I haven’t gotten myself a new pair of pants in 2 years.  Either way, I feel very on top of things this year, but it is mostly because these snow days are really testing my sanity by about noon so nap time = shopping time!  Plus, is it just me or are there some seriously good deals out there right now!?!

Here’s what the girls are getting this year for the ol’ LOVE day!

1. Love is a Truck also very cute paired with the book Love is a Tutu (would be seriously cute for a brother/sister gift!)
2. Besos for Baby
3. This is Not a Valentine
4. Huggy Kissy

5. Both girls are getting these!

6. Heart Pom Pillow for Claire
7. Be Mine Pouch for E
8. Also, I got these boots with V-Day in mind, but with all the snow I think I’ll just give them to her.  With coupon codes, I got them for $15.  Seriously.  If you have a girl, GET THEM. Great deal. **Right now they are $17.99 shipped with code FRESHSTYLE, ITSFREE, and check your email for a unique code for an additional $10 off!
9. Contemplating this necklace for E…
10. Plus red/pink candy, pouches, fruit snacks, etc…

Festive Decor
11. E is going to go to the store and pick out her own Valentine’s–I CANNOT WAIT
12. Stickers
13. How cute are these plates?!

If you need a few other ideas (especially for cute books) you can take a look back at what I got for E last year!  Crazy that this is E’s 3rd Valentine’s day!

What are you all getting your littles?  There’s still time for me to really have this get out of control!  Send me all the ideas!

Hope you all have a great weekend!