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Is there anyone else out there treating 60 degree weather like summer?!  These cabin fever babies and their desperate mother are game for any sunshine available.  Lately, we’ve been heading out after we get home from the day and soaking up any sun that is still shining.

But here’s the tricky part.  E is ready to run all over the place as soon as we go out.  Claire would love to join and while she is SO close to walking, sadly isn’t walking and everything is still muddy.  So, standing and/or her Walking Dead crawling isn’t really getting her very far outside.

Plus, when she gets home she is ready for a snack.  And is generally happy to sit and watch her big sis.  So , we get C in her high chair outside and set her up with some snacks and this appeases her until E remembers that there is a park nearby and she’s ready to head that way.
Yesterday, after snack, we headed to the park and Claire experienced her first swing ride!!  You guys!! She loved it!!  The joy that these firsts bring never gets old.

After school snacks have been an important part of our routine and enjoying a little family time while also developing Claire’s fine motor skills.

What are the ways you’ve been spending time as a family now that there are some warmer temps on the horizon?  Do you have an infant in the house learning how to pick up finger foods?
Claire is eating us out of house and home so we are thankful for coupons and affordable products like Gerber while still providing nutrition.  Head here for coupons to save!

Hope you all are enjoying this sunshine before the inevitable spring snows ahead—grrrrr.

Have a great week and a great first day of spring!