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Just like I predicted last month, we’ve entered the honeymoon phase of babies.  Claire is a dream baby.  She sleeps all night without waking (about 7 to 7) which I know will NOT LAST, but a mama can dream and hope that it will last just one more night.
She weighs in at 21 pounds and is eating 5 meals PLUS about 35 ounces of soy formula a day.  She is super mobile, climbing, crawling, and close to walking on her own.  She can stand on her own for several seconds and can walk along from surface to surface or with the walker.

Like I said, she sleeps all night with the help of the Dockatot–maybe only waking once to get a paci, but usually not.  And then she takes one solid nap from about 12-2 (same as E–she skipped right into toddler naps which has worked out kinda nicely).  She only has two bottom teeth and I know the two top aren’t far away so I am anticipating a few sleepless nights here soon, but feeling good so far.

She loves the bath, all of the food, following E around, snuggling, doing that blowing sticking out tongue thing (what is that called?), and standing at the play kitchen, oh and a spoon with some peanut butter on it.

I had to include some pictures of both of the girls here even though I swore I wouldn’t because I do want this to be about Claire, but this month Claire has been OBSESSED with Eleanor so it was only fitting E butted herself into this photo shoot and Claire was so happy about it.  E thought maybe some naked barbies would be a good addition and C did not hate it.  So I added the adorable bunny hats and I realized all of my dreams have come true.

These girls are my everything.  We love you little C!  Time to start planning that FIRST birthday!!!!

And here’s E at 9 months!

Hope you all have a great week!!