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Good morning! Happy Friday, friends! It is that time of year! Time to bust out the sappy love songs, roses, candlelight dinners, and best of all: your favorite pen and cheesy Valentines you picked up for all of your classmates! Yes, this holiday is cheesy, but I love it! I love an excuse to tell the people I love just how great they are. And who doesn’t love getting a little snail mail? Here are my picks for this lovey dovey day!

1. Heart BKR Water Bottle.

2. X’s and O’s Card.

3. Red Glitter Tape. On sale for $1.20 with code COSMIC40!

4. Pink Pen.

5. Love Matchbox.

6. Heart Stamp.

7. You’re So Dope Card.

8. Sending You My Love Postcard.

9. Hey Sugar Lips Gummies.

10. Kids’ Sew Lovely Kit.

11. You Are So Incredible Awesome Tea.

Have a great weekend!!

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