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We hit the halfway mark!  It seems strange now that in less time than I have already spent with the babe, he or she will be here!  I hate to wish away the time, but we are so excited to meet this little one!

Ah, the sweet feeling of a brand new planner!  If you’ve had your eye on this one, you better hurry and grab one because they are almost sold out!

Matt and I celebrated four years this past week.  When I start thinking about how time flies, I remind myself that in October we will have been dating for ten.  WHAT?!

21 weeks!

Pretty much everyday I come home from school and crawl right back into bed.  This week, I decided to change it up a bit and head out for coffee with a friend.  Good conversation, perky decor, and the best dang decaf latte around.  Pistacia Vera might be my new after school hangout.

At now almost 22 weeks, my feet are disappearing and bending over is getting much harder–much less putting on these dang compression hose.  Still, it is such a joy to look down and see the growing babe!  Life is just better with you around, kiddo!

It’s been a busy, but happy couple of weeks!  What about you all, what have you been up to?
Hope you have a snazzy weekend–starting to feel a little like fall out there!  Eek!