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20150807-062150.jpgHappy Friday!! I kinda, a teensy bit, forgot how happy Fridays make me. For a little bit there, I was becoming blissfully unaware of what day it was.  With school back in full force, I am FULLY aware of what day it is and man am I glad it’s Friday!  Here’s what’s keeping me sane this week!

  1. This shirt describes my week perfectly.  I love what I do, but by the end of the day I feel like I have been hit by a train.

2. How darling are these paperweights?  Give me all the office supplies.

3. This refreshing mist seems like something I should have in my desk.

4. I have so many reasons to celebrate lately, so confetti is a must.

5. Ever since Ashley over at One Fine Day posted about Noble Carriage, I’ve been obsessed.  I have to have This Frog.  Why oh why is it sold out?!

6. Gotta have this sweater.  I might be bias, but I’m pretty sure this kid is already kinda the best.

7. YOU GUYS!  We felt our first kick!  I’m supposed to be writing this stuff down right?!  I think this baby book will do just fine!

Hope you all had a marvelous week and have an even better weekend!