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Well happy Wednesday, friends!! Phew–things are getting real around the Johnson household. We are finding that every minute is consumed with baby to-dos.  Then about halfway through accomplishing a baby related task, I usually cry because I realize we only have NINE more weeks of just Matt and I after TEN years of just us.  This baby is such a blessing and we are finding ourselves more and more excited for their arrival each day, but we also know how much is going to change–and that is just a tad scary!  It also didn’t help that when we mentioned to our doctor’s office that we were traveling this weekend, they suggested we go ahead and pack our carseat, hospital bags, and copy of medical records just in case.  Insert wide-eyed emoji here.

Ok, so let’s get to the nitty gritty.  Baby stuff is on the brain so prepare yourself for overload the next 2 months. Sorry in advance.

  1. Teething necklace.  Functional and cute.  Yep!
  2. Halloween Cards.  The best holiday is upon us!! Wouldn’t miss a chance to send a little spooky mail!
  3. Sugar Paper Signature Pen.
  4. These gold earrings are to die for and they are only $12.  Score.
  5. Floral Power Trip Cord.  I feel like I am always on the go these days, a backup charger and this car charger are essentials.
  6. Essie ‘After School Boy Blazer’.
  7. Kai Body Lotion.
  8. So, June and January just launched their fall line and it includes dozens of new pieces that are gender neutral like this bib.  Swoon.
  9. This basket is just begging to be filled with cute baby toys.
  10. Ok, so this reptile pillow is a little boyish.  We can’t help it.  We are 99% sure that’s what we are having so it couldn’t hurt just to get this and then worst case scenario, girls like dinosaurs too?

What all are you guys loving this week?  Any baby goods I am missing???

Hope you have a great rest of the week–2 more days!