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You guys!! We have another sweet babe on the way!  Emotionally, we float somewhere between extreme excitement and oh my gosh, we will have two under two!  We wanted our first two close in age and E and this babe will be 17ish months apart I think?  We are due June 2, 2017 which puts me at 12 weeks, but I look about 20 weeks!  I kind of like it though because I feel like pregnancy is more fun/easier when people know and can tell!  Eleanor has also suddenly become obsessed with babies which is interesting.  She points to babies and says baba (which is actually what she calls everything, but it’s a different baba sounds which totally makes sense, right?).  There’s a new baby at the sitter so they have been practicing gentle touches and she pretty much insists on seeing the baby every few minutes.

It’s safe to say we can’t wait to meet you, little one!