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Eleven months!  Holy cow!  We are only a month away from baby girl’s first birthday.  But, today we are going to focus on the last month, cause otherwise I’ll just start crying.  She learned so much this month.  She learned where her belly is…she lifts her shirt up, points, and says belllly!  She takes her blanket everywhere which is cute, but goodness, if you forget to take it.  Yikes.  When she gets excited she goes oooooooooo and sucks in her breath.  She’s actually been doing this for awhile, but it’s the cutest ever and I haven’t mentioned it yet.

She has four teeth and at least one more coming in!  Sleep and eating has pretty much stayed the same, but we are thinking it’s time to drop the morning nap and start introducing whole milk?  We are afraid to mess with too much though because we are in a nice groove.  We shall see!

And with all that, it’s party planning time!!!  We decided to distance her party from Christmas because as someone with a winter birthday knows, it stinks when it gets grouped. So that’s happening in 2 weeks! Better get started!

You make every day better, sweet pea!!