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Good morning!! Hope you have all had a great and hopefully short week!  Today I have partnered with The Baby Cubby to share my essentials for baby #2!  We loved so many of the products that we registered for and I posted about herehere, and here.  While we plan to use those same products as E moves towards more toddler items, there are items that we will have to repurchase because we will need two or I just didn’t know about before E!  The thing I love the most about The Baby Cubby is that they are more than just a store or even just a registry site, they handpick items that mamas have tried and tested and are the very best out there.  Almost every brand that I love is available on The Baby Cubby AND they price match for you!!!  You can read more about them here!  Below is a list of what we are planning to purchase for baby #2 who is due to arrive in just 3.5 months!

  1. It’s double stroller time!!  We loved our Britax Travel System with E!  There’s also a second seat attachment that might make for an lightweight option!
  2. The Ollie Swaddle  we have heard miracle stories about this swaddle and we were definitely newbs at swaddling with E.  This swaddle is meant to grow with baby and it has easy access at the bottom for changes!  Can’t wait to try it out!
  3. Bannor Toys Rattle  We had tons of Bannor Toys teethers for E and she loved the little rings on them so I’m thinking the new babe needs a rattle version!
  4. You know my girl is gonna have her own little collection of Freshly Picked Moccasins.   Read more about my love of these shoes here and basically every post. ever.
  5. Skip Hop Diaper Backpack  I am definitely thinking we need a backpack for baby #2.  We had this bag for E and we loved it, but I need both hands for 2 under 2.  I also love this backpack option (Gems of Giverny color) because I have heard a zip opening is key so everything doesn’t fall out?
  6. We love Tubby Todd!  And now they have a Mama Line!  I will be throwing this freshening spray in my diaper bag on the regular so I don’t smell like baby vomit all of the time.  Read more on my love of Tubby Todd here!
  7. Loved By Sophia Claire Pacifier Clips we didn’t really use any clips with E and honestly I can’t think of why?  Really would have saved us some stressful moments frantically searching for that bink.  On the floor of a restaurant.
  8. Speaking of binks.  We gotta come up with a plan.  We really want to keep E’s pacifier usage to a minimum which is already hard with the teething, sicknesses, and the fact that she sees other kids at daycare with them.  But now she will have a permanent person in the house that will have it constantly, especially at the beginning.  SO, our plan is to maybe use different pacifiers that we know E doesn’t like (because they don’t look like hers).  We have heard great things about these Natursutten Pacifiers and are excited to give them a try!
  9. Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt.  We are going to have to get all new blankets for baby as E has officially claimed all of the blankets in the house, even ones we set aside for other babies because no way one baby would need so many blankets. Yeah.  No guarantee she won’t also claim these (I mean who wouldn’t–they are SO cute!), but eventually we will have to have separate blankets that are each of the girls.  I also love this Little Unicorn Lemon Swaddle.  Well, really just anything Little Unicorn makes.  So good.
  10. And of course baby girl is going to need her own baby book!  We loved the one we had for E so going with the same one again!

What else do we need when we have two?!  I was having way too much fun building my list of items–really made it feel real!  We are getting close here people!  3.5 months!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

*This post was sponsored by The Baby Cubby, but all opinions, as always, are my own!