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SIX months, you guys!!  SIX.  I go between feeling like it was just yesterday that I was sitting anxiously awaiting the fancy test results from the OB to tell me I was going to be a mama and feeling like she has pretty much been here my whole life.  I honestly cannot picture life without her in it, but time is moving way too fast!  She’s basically a toddler now.  I walked in the other day when she was supposed to be napping and she was sitting up playing.  What?  THEN, I walked in this weekend while she was napping and she was STANDING.  She bathes in a bucket now because her old tub is now a small joke.  Literally.  My guess is she weighs about 20 pounds and she wears around 9-12 month clothes, which is ridiculous.  I am hesitant to pack anything away in the 6-9 month range because I have a feeling that once she starts crawling which is any day now, she may thin out a bit.  She has tried carrots, corn, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and green peas.  We stopped the rice cereal and switched to oatmeal because I think it was irritating her a bit.  She has slept better through the night since.  She sleeps from about 7-4 am and then eats and goes back to bed till about 6 or 7.  She takes a 2 hour nap in the morning and then a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  We were trying to be more thoughtful about her awake time and putting her down no more than two hours after she awakes, but it turns out it was probably more the rice cereal than over tiredness.  We have to fight her less with just the two naps, so for now that’s what we are doing.  She literally changes every single day which keeps us on our toes!

In case you would like to look at how far we have come:  here are the previous months!
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SO now for the fun part!  Freshly Picked has offered to give one of you lucky ducks a pair of their highly acclaimed soft sole moccasins!  YOU GUYS.  These are the BEST shoes out there.  I have bought so many shoes and socks in the last year in the hopes that she would don them with style and grace.  But then I actually had the baby and tried to put them on her.  Off in seconds.  Seconds.  Plus they mostly just fall off when she wiggles in her car seat.  These moccasins stay on no matter what comes at them.  They can be a little tricky to put on until you get the hang of it, but what that means is that they are next to impossible for baby to pull off.  There is an elastic band that keeps them secure on their feet which is just amazing (hidden inside the soft leather so it does not irritate baby).  They are also real leather which, here comes the best part, once they start walking and crawling, their footprint becomes a part of the sole.  Swoon.  So, I got them in a size 2 for now and then I purchased the size 3 for when she starts walking.  I can’t wait to show her her little footprint someday on these sweet shoes.

Requirements for entry:  Winner cannot have won another Freshly Picked giveaway in the last 60 days, must be following Freshly Picked on Instagram (if you do not have Instagram, you may follow them on Facebook, just enter in the rafflecopter that you are following and put your Facebook name and then let me know in the comments), and  must be 18 years or older!  You may enter internationally, but you will have to pay to ship them outside of the U.S.

Enter Below!

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Good luck babes!  Have a great day!

*I was sent a pair of moccasins for review, but as always, opinions are my own