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The weather in Ohio has been crazy so we’ve been exploring lots of indoor places!  First up was Cosi Science Museum!  She had a blast!  She could do way more than I thought she’d be able to!
…and the sickness continues.  She had GI/flu issues all of December and into January and then a double ear infection/double pink eye.  Oh, and about five molars came in.  She still has a lingering runny nose and cough.  Thankfully, she is back to sleeping and eating regularly.
She is obsessed with this car.  She makes car noises and points to the door almost every day.  Now she says car car.  Still waiting on her to say mama.  The girl has her priorities in language.
Aunt Nennie came to visit and it was actually decent weather out–as in, not totally freeze your face off weather.
E started Swim lessons and we have our 6th class tomorrow so there will be an update next week!
E now knows where baby sister is and if you ask her, even in public, where her baby sister is, she will lift up my shirt and blow raspberries.  Kills me.
I attended a super informative event on peanut butter allergies at Alchemy.  The event was put on by Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter and they talked about the new recommendation about serving peanut butter to babies between the ages of 4-6 months to decrease the prevalence of peanut allergies.  They make a peanut butter powder that you can add to any baby foods!  Genius!  Way better option that just dishing up a spoonful which is what we did with E!
Eleanor got her first pets!  She knows right where they are and gets so excited when we ask if she wants to go feed her fish!
Oh. My. Gosh.  She points at the T.V. and asks for Bar.  Then she sits and demands crackers–which she can also say.  (so if you are keeping track, she can say baby, baba for milk, b for her pacifier, bar, car car, and cracker–no mama).  Priorities.
We finally got her this table and chairs so she loves to sit and eat at the table.  A full post coming soon on toddler eating!
Ah, sunshine.
She finally got out and got her car cleaned.  It was really becoming an eye sore.
We had a girl date at Piada and then snagged up some scoops at Jeni’s!
When my dad was in town last week, in addition to getting the big stuff set up in E’s room (full posts on that coming soon!), we hit up our favorite Pistacia Vera and E got to try her first macaron!
We then headed out to Franklin Park Conservatory because they were having a bring your American Girl Doll event!  The activity was a little old for her, but she loved being able to take her baby out on the town.  I just love watching her explore and take in the things around her!  And she was able to pick out a few things for her fairy garden this summer!
And just like that we are almost in the home stretch!  I am 27 weeks with baby sister today and E has been super lovey dovey lately.  Especially about mommy, daddy, and babies.  She is ready to be a big sister!

And that’s about it for us!  What about you all?? What have you been up to?  Hope you are staying warm and well!

Have a great weekend!