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Alrighty people!!  Woohoo!  It is time to start the Easter basket goodies!!  Here’s what the girls are getting this year!!

Basket: Pink / Blue

Book: Bunny Roo, I Love You / Counting with Barefoot Critters (Dear Bunny… is another cute book!)

Fillers: Peeps Bubbles / Bandaids / Pouches / Nail Polish / Bunny Lip Gloss / Bunny Hair Clips / Freeze Dried Snacks / Bird Whistles / Troll Surprise Bag (89 cents right now!) / Lolla Cup for Claire that matches E’s! / Kinder Surprise Egg

Outift: These Matching Dresses / Sandals / Sunglasses

Other ideas:  sidewalk chalk, coloring books, craft supplies–washi tape, paint, markers, crayons, stickers

For filling Eggs, we headed to the dollar section at Target and snagged up some cute little toys and we are just going to stuff some clearance v-day candy/fruit snacks!

And for even more ideas–here’s what we got the girls last year and for E the year before!

What do you love to gift your littles?  Any fun traditions you all do for Easter?
Have a great weekend!

Edited: I’ve added this camera for both girls and paintbrushes!