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I have several close friends and family members who are also expecting little bundles of joy here in the next few months.  It has been so much fun chatting with them about the strangeness that is pregnancy and of course showering them with gifts and love!

While in St. Louis for my cousin Katie’s baby shower, it was a must that we stop by the Kate Spade outlet.  Talk about a dangerous place.  Sensory overload.

The babe and I at 18 weeks!

After returning from St. Louis, I pretty much hopped right back in the car and headed down to West Virginia where I meet my Richmond teaching friends halfway a couple of times a year.  It is a time I look forward to every couple of months.  I miss these girls like crazy and feel so blessed we have remained close!

As soon as I arrived at our hotel, they had the sweetest surprise baby shower set up, complete with sparkling lemonade and cupcakes.  Baby is already so loved!

Upon returning from travels feeling puffy and tired, the reality of heading back to school hit me square in the face.  The only remedy was gathering my supplies for my classroom and heading over to get it all set up.  Every year this immediately gets me excited for the new year.  We had our teacher work week this week and the kids start Monday and I can honestly say I am ready and excited to get back to it!

 The babe and I at 19 weeks!

We got to see our peanut this week!  The best part of the appointment was looking over at Matt and seeing his face as he watched our little one squirm around.  He is going to be the best dad.  Next time we see you little one, you will be in our arms!

I thought I would close with the photo that has left us giggling all week.  As soon as the person doing our ultra sound saw this pop up on the screen she exclaimed, “woah, big feet!”  We had to laugh.  Mama and papa both have very large feet and we have always said this kid was doomed to have clodhoppers!  Sorry, kiddo!

So, what have you all been up to?  Hope you are enjoying the sunshine! Have a great weekend!