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We officially have an eight month old!  Now, during these photo shoots, I avoid getting her to look at the camera because the second I get her attention she will attempt to stand to get the phone.  Which in a chair is not ideal, so she is basically never going to be looking at the camera again.  She is still sleeping around 11-12 hours a night without getting up to eat (which was not happening around month 4 and 5).  She takes a nap in the morning and a  nap in the afternoon.  She is back at the sitter during the day and she is a 100% better eater for the sitter, but a better napper at home.  She has two bottom teeth and has said “mama” and “up”.  I am not really counting them as her first words though until she says them with meaning.  Is that what you are supposed to do?  She has lifted herself up while saying up, so maybe we will count that!  It would sure be fitting for this on-the-go gal!  She crawls, stands up on everything, and has stood for a few seconds on her own!  She also mimics everything we do, grunts with displeasure, opens and closes her fist when you say “bye bye” or “Hi Eleanor!” and make the same motion.
She’s tried almost every fruit and vegetable on the planet and now we are giving her small bits of our food!  Feels so strange that she is ready for that!
She is just as sweet as can be and can’t believe we are getting ready to celebrate the big ONE!
We love you, E!