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And suddenly, she’s EIGHT months old!!  I cannot believe how much she has changed since seven months.  She has only woken up one night since I wrote this post on her eating and we feel in a pretty good routine!  She cut two teeth (her bottom front) at the same time so that was a rough night, but other than that she has been one happy camper!  Her current schedule is 4 5-6oz bottles and then an 8 ounce before bed, plus 4 solid meals a day.  Her favorite combo is pumpkin and apple!  She’s a growing girl!

She has started crawling and standing up/supporting herself with tables or in her crib.  And in the last week or so has started shuffling along the table!  I think we will have another early walker (E started walking at 9 months!).  While this is very exciting, it will also be slightly terrifying having two kids RUNNING around the house!

Another big milestone has been babbling! Less baby cooing and more dadas!  She can recognize us calling her by name, either Claire or sissy 🙂

We have officially entered the super fun phase which I think lasts from 8 months-18 months where they switch from newborn to fun baby and fledgling toddler!  I love to see their personality develop!!

We love you C!
And here’s E at eight months!