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image1-2Happy Friday, friends!! It has been awhile since I’ve popped in to share what I am loving so today I thought I’d share a few things I have purchased recently or am seriously eyeing!

  1. You may have seen over on Instagram that Eleanor started swim lessons last weekend at Goldfish Swim School and according to the fabulous instructor, she acted perfectly normal for her first time.  More next week, but we do have another swim lesson coming up tomorrow and I thought maybe an adorable new suit would get us on the right track!  Can’t hurt, right?
  2. Ah, Valentine’s Day.  Really sneaking up here folks.  E and I got started on her Valentine’s last week. Which, can I just say, are really hard to find??  They are all character ones!  I’m assuming that’s all the kiddos want.  MEHHHHHH.  I’ll just have to keep Valentine’s Day character free on my end with This cute mug.
  3. These days I kinda feel like Regina ‘but this is all that fits me right now’ George.  $13 Oversized Sweaters and anything that covers m’ compression hose are staples around here.
  4. I’ve said it about a thousand times and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it in every round up, but if you haven’t gotten This lip treatment and this lotion stop what you are doing and get them. Now.
  5. I gotta say…even though the veins and compression hose are a real nuisance, I’m blessed that the majority of my pregnancies have fallen in the fall and winter so that I can wear boots (pretty much the only shoes you can wear with the hose without looking ridiculous).  I have my eye on these cute booties!
  6. How cute is this sweatshirt for E?!  I didn’t think it was possible, but toddler clothes might be even cuter than baby clothes.
  7. Speaking of which, I remember distinctly sitting in the waiting room with Matt at the gender appointment and saying, “well, if it’s a girl, we won’t have to buy anything!” HA.  The second we left that appointment, like literally in the car, I started ordering.  Turns out I might just have a buying little things for cute little people problem.  Whatevs.  I am totally getting these boots to match E’s rain boots.
  8. And she needs her own swaddles.  It’s not like Eleanor is sharing.  Gah, I can already see the fights.
  9. We started decorating E’s big girl room that she will move into sometime in the next 5-6 months…trying to do it sort of gradually and before she really places permanence on the room she is in now…I will do a full post soon!  But, we have picked up a few pieces here and there like this pillowcase!
  10. I CANNOT wait to get an art table and chairs set up!  Just patiently waiting for a sale and then I will be snagging these up!

    What all are you loving right now?? Any big plans for the weekend??  Hope it’s a great one!