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The weather has finally been nice enough to get out and play a bit.   We definitely have an outdoor girl on our hands.  She will just start bringing you items one by one to put on her and yourself…coats, hats, etc…and then will grunt and point outside.  I really need the nice weather to stay because my toddler does not understand fickle Ohio weather.
E’s shoes/Leggings
I posted about E’s Transition to her new room and one adjustment we’ve made is having her sleep with her Grand Dockatot in her crib first before we switch her over to using it in her bed.  She’s been sleeping so well ever since…no more waking up at night (knock on wood!!!!).  Be sure to check out the whole post for links to items and to see what else we’re doing to make the transition a bit easier!
I also posted about E’s eating and we celebrated St. Patrick’s day in style!
I posted all about what’s going in the girls’ Easter baskets–I cannot wait!!!
Little miss diva’s uncle Paul came to town so we headed down to the Brewery District and had a fancy lunch at Rockmill Tavern!
E’s boots
I finally got my hair done over spring break and when I went to pick up E at the sitter she didn’t recognize me.  Yowza, gotta do maintenance more often.
I wrote a post about trying out this stroller that will eventually become our double stroller!
E’s shoes/my bag/my shoes
E’s first trip to the zoo of the season!  She was very unsure of the large animals like the gorilla, but LOVED the animals that she sees on Barney and in her barn books.  She waved at them and everything.  Pretty much the cutest thing ever.  I cannot wait to take the girls this summer!
Seriously, can it please stay warm out all year long?!
It’s been a mix of sun and rain here in Ohio which I kind of love!  So fun to be outside right before the storms roll in!
headband (similar)/sweatshirt/shoes
E graduated to Mini 2 at Goldfish!!  I posted an update this month here!
Last weekend we got takeout from Milestone 229 and headed down to the river with some friends to have a picnic and walk around!  It is seriously so gorgeous down there!
E’s Sippy/sweatshirt/jeansIMG_5659

I am almost 32 weeks and starting to get to that really uncomfortably large stage so picking up E has become quite the task…especially when she just wants to run after ducks and trash.

Time seems to be flying now that we are in the home stretch…June 2 will be here before we know it–we’re ready to meet you baby girl!

What have you all been up to?  Hopefully out there enjoying the sunshine when you can get it!!
Hope you are having a fabulous week!!