Claire is Ten Months!


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IMG_7130IMG_7158IMG_7169IMG_7172IMG_7174IMG_7160IMG_7216IMG_7220Ten months is here!  Well like two weeks ago, but who’s counting?!  Hey.  I am ahead on birthday stuff.  Does that count?
With two kids now fully on the move we now feel like we have two toddlers under two on the move and not just two under two in the house generally speaking.  Trust me when I say those are two very different things.
Claire has herself a sassy, but sweet personality.  She loves to lay her head down on anything soft and/or your shoulder if you pick her up.  You’ll just look over and she’ll be laying down on the ground with her head on a pillow.
She can completely stand on her own and has taken a step here or there, but not walking  quite yet–any day now!  When she crawls she has what we call a Lurch leg.  One leg pops up funny, but it helps her go really fast.  And when she gets excited her feet start swirling and she sucks in air.  It’s actually kinda scary if you don’t know what she’s doing and you hear it out of nowhere.
She loves the bath, finger foods, and whatever Eleanor is doing.
She sleeps from 7-when we wake her up in the morning which is usually around 6:30, she will sleep a little later on the weekends.  She is down to one nap from about 12-3.  We aren’t sure if this is because that’s what E does and so we’ve helped her be on that schedule or if she’s just a one nap kinda gal.  E was taking two naps for a long time, but Claire just hasn’t been into it.  One nap suits her fine.  (we’re just happy she’s sleeping at all–if you take a look back you’ll remember this chick wasn’t really into sleep until about 6 months.)
She eats solids 5-6 times a day plus her almost 40 ounces of bottles.

Just like her sister, she’s also a champ in the car.  In her ten months we’ve traveled to Kansas City, Chicago, Memphis, Goshen, and a few other places and she just goes with the flow.  Sleeps after she eats and plays for a bit.  Sleeps in her Dockatot wherever we go and sleeps all night, even if she took two 3 hour naps in the car.

AND JUST LOOK AT THOSE TEETH!!  She’s got two more coming in on top and I think she’s in some pain–she’s having some trouble settling at night.  Hopefully they fully pop through soon!! Those first ones are a bear!!

We love you C!

And…here is E at Ten Months!

Spring Fun with Gerber Snacks!


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Is there anyone else out there treating 60 degree weather like summer?!  These cabin fever babies and their desperate mother are game for any sunshine available.  Lately, we’ve been heading out after we get home from the day and soaking up any sun that is still shining.

But here’s the tricky part.  E is ready to run all over the place as soon as we go out.  Claire would love to join and while she is SO close to walking, sadly isn’t walking and everything is still muddy.  So, standing and/or her Walking Dead crawling isn’t really getting her very far outside.

Plus, when she gets home she is ready for a snack.  And is generally happy to sit and watch her big sis.  So , we get C in her high chair outside and set her up with some snacks and this appeases her until E remembers that there is a park nearby and she’s ready to head that way.
Yesterday, after snack, we headed to the park and Claire experienced her first swing ride!!  You guys!! She loved it!!  The joy that these firsts bring never gets old.

After school snacks have been an important part of our routine and enjoying a little family time while also developing Claire’s fine motor skills.

What are the ways you’ve been spending time as a family now that there are some warmer temps on the horizon?  Do you have an infant in the house learning how to pick up finger foods?
Claire is eating us out of house and home so we are thankful for coupons and affordable products like Gerber while still providing nutrition.  Head here for coupons to save!

Hope you all are enjoying this sunshine before the inevitable spring snows ahead—grrrrr.

Have a great week and a great first day of spring!

Claire is Nine Months!


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Just like I predicted last month, we’ve entered the honeymoon phase of babies.  Claire is a dream baby.  She sleeps all night without waking (about 7 to 7) which I know will NOT LAST, but a mama can dream and hope that it will last just one more night.
She weighs in at 21 pounds and is eating 5 meals PLUS about 35 ounces of soy formula a day.  She is super mobile, climbing, crawling, and close to walking on her own.  She can stand on her own for several seconds and can walk along from surface to surface or with the walker.

Like I said, she sleeps all night with the help of the Dockatot–maybe only waking once to get a paci, but usually not.  And then she takes one solid nap from about 12-2 (same as E–she skipped right into toddler naps which has worked out kinda nicely).  She only has two bottom teeth and I know the two top aren’t far away so I am anticipating a few sleepless nights here soon, but feeling good so far.

She loves the bath, all of the food, following E around, snuggling, doing that blowing sticking out tongue thing (what is that called?), and standing at the play kitchen, oh and a spoon with some peanut butter on it.

I had to include some pictures of both of the girls here even though I swore I wouldn’t because I do want this to be about Claire, but this month Claire has been OBSESSED with Eleanor so it was only fitting E butted herself into this photo shoot and Claire was so happy about it.  E thought maybe some naked barbies would be a good addition and C did not hate it.  So I added the adorable bunny hats and I realized all of my dreams have come true.

These girls are my everything.  We love you little C!  Time to start planning that FIRST birthday!!!!

And here’s E at 9 months!

Hope you all have a great week!!

Easter Goodies for the Littles!


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Alrighty people!!  Woohoo!  It is time to start the Easter basket goodies!!  Here’s what the girls are getting this year!!

Basket: Pink / Blue

Book: Bunny Roo, I Love You / Counting with Barefoot Critters (Dear Bunny… is another cute book!)

Fillers: Peeps Bubbles / Bandaids / Pouches / Nail Polish / Bunny Lip Gloss / Bunny Hair Clips / Freeze Dried Snacks / Bird Whistles / Troll Surprise Bag (89 cents right now!) / Lolla Cup for Claire that matches E’s! / Kinder Surprise Egg

Outift: These Matching Dresses / Sandals / Sunglasses

Other ideas:  sidewalk chalk, coloring books, craft supplies–washi tape, paint, markers, crayons, stickers

For filling Eggs, we headed to the dollar section at Target and snagged up some cute little toys and we are just going to stuff some clearance v-day candy/fruit snacks!

And for even more ideas–here’s what we got the girls last year and for E the year before!

What do you love to gift your littles?  Any fun traditions you all do for Easter?
Have a great weekend!

Edited: I’ve added this camera for both girls and paintbrushes!

Transitioning with Dockatot!


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Well it’s officially time to start thinking about transitioning Claire to toddler sleep!! One of the main reasons we were successful in sleep transitioning with E to a toddler bed as early as we did was the Dockatot.  Until recently she didn’t even know she could get out of her bed.  And even now she will hop out really fast and scurry back in.  It’s actually kind of funny—and I really think it’s the coziness of her Dockatot.

Now that Claire is sleeping well at naptime AND bedtime, it’s time to start thinking about the next step.

It’s a great idea to use the Dockatot for everyday play, lounging, and napping and if you’re traveling, even better for sleep!  It feels and smells like their regular sleep routine!

We’ve started by just letting her relax and get aquatinted with it, maybe sleeping in it for naps.  Then we will put it in her big girl bed in 5-6 months to help her sleep all night in a new bed like we did with E when she’s ready to transition!

Also, does this mean what I think it means!?  Time to start planning Claire’s Big girl room!!!

What are your tips for transistioning from swaddling/infant sleep to baby to toddler sleep?

*This post was sponsored by Dockatot, but all opinions, as always, are my own!