Life Lately…


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I cannot believe it has been since Before Claire that I did a life update.  And then we had her and our lives turned upside down!  So, here goes a very long post!
We were VERY fortunate to have so many family members come and stay right after we had Claire.  It may have seemed like I was conquering all, but there was actually almost always a posse in the background and another set of troops back at the house cooking and cleaning.  Our tribe is amazing.
We hit up almost every park in Columbus this summer, complete with picnics and trying to climb up every slide.  I was so glad I had this soothe shirt so that I had both hands free to play with E while still snuggling the babe!
This girl and her fanciness crack me up.
Getting out of the house was seriously one of the only ways we stayed sane in those first months.  E was entertained and we were able to eat hot food.  Win-win!
We checked off several summer bucket list items this summer at Columbus Commons!
Those snuggles make it all worth it I tell you!
We have created a little laundry ritual that really only happens once every month (thank goodness we have two girls and have a ton of friends with girls–we have no shortage of clothes around here).  We pull their carts out during nap time and fold–then you can just roll it back in when they wake up!
Eleanor turned 18 months and I shared some of our 12-18 Month Essentials!
Like I said, getting out was a must, so we ventured out to check out the bunny splash pad in Dublin!
I wrote a post about Establishing a Nighttime Routine!
If you live in Columbus.  Get a zoo pass.  We did the guest plus so that we could go on a playdate at the zoo!  We would take the mama on the pass with us and the kiddos under two get in free!!  Such a deal.
This girl loves everything about holiday food.  Fourth of July munchies are no exception.
Baseball love runs deep in our family.  We had to make it out to a Clippers game!
I shared this car in my 12-18 Month Essentials post, but it also would have been good to add to The Perfect Baby Shower Gift post because oh my gosh this car has been an obsession from the minute she got it.  She will use it for years.
Rib and Jazz fest in matching wellies!
Hilliard Station Splash pad is amazing!!  I wrote a whole post right before I had C here.
We also made it out on the lake.  Everyone was happy once the lifevests were on and we were moving.  It was really headed south for a minute there.
I partnered up with LÍLLÉbaby to share some tips on life with two under two!
Matt and I were able to sneak in a date night and it was SO very much needed.  When we are feeling pulled in a million directions, making time for us and for our relationship has to be a priority.  For your chance to enter to win a $100 gift card to Jord Watches all you have to do is fill out the form here!
Claire turned One MonthTwo Months, and Three Months and we shared a little bit about how we got her feeling a little better after month two!
We shared A Goldfish Swim School update and a fun event happening for free here in Columbus!  Be sure to check it out!

AND PHEW!  That’s it for us.  With work, two kids, and a never ending to-do list, life has been a whirlwind, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world!

What have you guys been up to??  I feel like I am missing everything!  Fill me in!
Have a great weekend!


A Goldfish Playdate!


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Good morning!! Today, I am so excited to share a special, local, FREE event happening here in Columbus!  The Dublin and Westerville Goldfish locations are offering a free 30 minute mini class playdate for children 4-35 months who have never been to Goldfish before.  So if you’ve been dying to try out Goldfish Swim School, this is your chance!  For this age range, you have to get in the pool with them, and gosh is it a fun way to bond with your kiddo!  To register, just call 614-407-3474 and the super awesome staff will get you hooked up!

Event Details:
Dublin location: Wednesday, September 20th–afternoon
Friday, September 22nd–evening

Westerville location: Wednesday, September 27th–afternoon
Friday September 29th–evening

This is an amazing opportunity to try out this amazing company!!  We honestly couldn’t love Goldfish more!!

Let me know if you make it out!

*This post was sponsored by Goldfish, but all opinions, as always, are my own!

Claire is Three Months!


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IMG_0953IMG_0956IMG_0970IMG_0973IMG_0976IMG_0986Oh my goodness, you guys!! Our little nugget is three months old!! It kinda came out of nowhere which is why this is late again.  Life has been a whirlwind lately, but gah this cutie deserves a celebration post!  She’s been such a trooper over the last month or so as we’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on with her.  She would not be set down for anything.  She slept ok at night, only waking once to eat.  But, during the day, she would only be happy on your shoulder, bouncing, with a pacifier in her mouth, held in by your shoulder while you burped her.  Then, 45 minutes later she would let out a belch and be happy for a couple of minutes, eat, fall asleep for 10 minutes, and the process would start all over.

When I reached out on Instagram for some suggestions a friend suggested gripe water.  YOU GUYS.  It worked almost immediately.  She gets a little bit in each of her bottles throughout the day.  Now when we go to burp her after the bottle, she burps immediately and will tolerate being set down for more than six seconds.  I cried for like an hour after that first burp because I was so excited we’d figured it out.  She is such a happy camper now!!

She has started cooing and smiling all the time now.  She loves when we make popping noises or when E gives her kisses.
She’s getting the hang of her pacifiers and is still sleeping pretty well at night.  She goes down right after E at about 7:30.  She has slept through the night, but most nights she wakes up one time between 1-2 and goes right back down after and will sleep until we wake her up at 5:30 to get ready for the day.  Her naps are all over the place, but she will usually take at least one good 2 hour nap!

She’s just the sweetest little baby!  We love you, Claire!

Life with Two Under Two!


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Good morning!  Today I am so excited to be partnering up with LÍLLÉbaby to share a few things that have helped keep us sane with two under two!  There are days where everything feels like a hot mess and other days where I feel like we might just make it out alive.  I honestly think the transition from one to two has been easier than zero to one for several reasons, but I think it mostly comes down to realistic expectations and a couple of really key products.

Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve learned so far!

  1. A diaper bag backpack.  I love this option because it has an over the shoulder strap if you just want to throw it on, but it also has a backpack option so that you don’t have to deal with it flopping around and you have both hands free.  Plus, it’s roomy and stylish which helped me feel put together even when I was sweating and running around like a crazy person before 9 am.  On our outings this summer, it was a serious lifesaver.
  2. double stroller.  I get lots of questions about this one that we use.  Most people think it’s a single stroller and wonder where the baby is.  She’s down in her little nook!!  So pretty much it’s the best ever because it has the feel of a single stroller, but the second seat attachment slides right in and still leaves plenty of room for stuff.  It’s incredible.
  3. Give the older kiddo manageable tasks they can achieve with ease.  E is such a pleaser so she loves to help and ‘out-mama’ me everyday.  She’s constantly trying to help or do what I do with her baby.  So, giving her tasks like throwing away the diaper or wiping up a little mess keeps her occupied and feeling like she’s a part of things.
  4. Manage tasks you feel like are difficult into manageable parts.  We learned early on that trying to bathe both babies on the same night stresses everybody out and nobody can sense stress like a kid.  Until both are able to sit in the same bath, we will do one kid one night and the other the next night.  Or one right when I get home and the other later in the evening.  Just piece out/manage tasks to make them as easy as possible.  Give yourself a little grace here.
  5. Get on a schedule.  Obviously, with the little one, a schedule is just now becoming a thing, but we still, even from day one, had a solid routine with E.   We are in the groove now with unpacking and preparing for the next day as soon as we get home from work, eating dinner as a family, baths/relaxing before bed and then bed.  See more on how we establish nighttime routines here.  A healthy routine has really helped us all feel a little more control in the day!
  6. Babywearing has also ramped up with two under two.  I hardly ever wore E because I just didn’t really get the hang of it and I felt like I was hurting her or messing it up.  I loved holding her and it just seemed easier.  Claire has been a whole different story.  She only wants to be held and over the last few weeks, has been almost colicky in her need to be upright and bouncing 24/7.  I figured out how to baby wrap REAL quick.  Wrapping her in the LÍLLÉbaby Wrap was one of the only ways to get her to nap and relax a bit.  PLUS, both hands are pretty much required when you have a toddler and newborn.  The Complete Carrier is also perfect for carrying either kiddo.  It has 6 carry positions including forward carry, which somehow we missed as a feature in the ERGO.  If you get a carrier that doesn’t have the forward facing feature, you probably won’t use it except on your back.  I would highly recommend investing in this if you are thinking about a carrier of this type because you can use it for all ages, in any position.

What else would you all recommend?  Life with two under two can be a little chaotic, but it’s also a beautiful adventure that we wouldn’t trade for anything!

Hope you all have a great week!

*This post was sponsored by LÍLLÉbaby, but all opinions, as always are my own

Claire is Two Months!


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Well, hello there!  Two months has FLOWN by!  We thought time went fast with E, but holy cow, life with two goes even faster.  Claire is growing quite rapidly, weighing in at 11 pounds 14 ounces.  She pretty much eats all day long, hating to be set down for even a second.  She hasn’t really figured out the beauty of a good nap.  BUT, she sleeps at night, so that’s a win!  She goes down about 9 p.m. and wakes up to eat between 5 and 6 a.m.  Now that I am back to work, I will get the girls ready then, but it was beautiful a few weeks ago when she would go right back to sleep until about 9 a.m., but then the day of no naps would begin.  So, we are hoping she starts a good nap schedule soon–our sitter is great at getting kids on a schedule.  Pretty much the best actually.
Claire loves to be bounced and if you do dare to sit her down, it better be in the Rock n Play with the vibration on.  She will also tolerate being set down in her warm bath.  She also likes when you make the sushing sound really loud while you bounce her.  She is just entering the smile/coo response stage which is seriously just the best.  Especially when the smile/coo is in response to something Eleanor is doing.  Speaking of Eleanor, phew, she loves this baby something fierce.  The only time Eleanor has ever cried when we do daycare drop off is when we left Claire there for her trial day and E and I left to go to Target (It’s a ritual–but with E I had to do it by myself and it was the WORST.  Glad I had a partner to cry into my chocolate croissant with this time!).

Also, the crying as soon as you set her down is making these little monthly update pictures REALLY difficult.  So I hope you like to see only one semi-happy picture and the rest crying.  Although, E pretty much hated these things too.

And if you’re into comparisons–here is E at two months!

We love you, Claire!

Hope you all had a great week!