Deal of the Day!


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Yay!!  The 360 LilleBaby carrier that I posted about here (what E is in!) is only $90 today on Amazon!  This is a great deal considering you can use it from newborn to toddler on the front or the back!  This is normally an almost $150 carrier!!

This would make a perfect shower gift!

Let me know if you snag this deal!
Have a great weekend!

*deal originally posted on Hip2Save (my fave couponing site!)

Claire is Eight Months!


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And suddenly, she’s EIGHT months old!!  I cannot believe how much she has changed since seven months.  She has only woken up one night since I wrote this post on her eating and we feel in a pretty good routine!  She cut two teeth (her bottom front) at the same time so that was a rough night, but other than that she has been one happy camper!  Her current schedule is 4 5-6oz bottles and then an 8 ounce before bed, plus 4 solid meals a day.  Her favorite combo is pumpkin and apple!  She’s a growing girl!

She has started crawling and standing up/supporting herself with tables or in her crib.  And in the last week or so has started shuffling along the table!  I think we will have another early walker (E started walking at 9 months!).  While this is very exciting, it will also be slightly terrifying having two kids RUNNING around the house!

Another big milestone has been babbling! Less baby cooing and more dadas!  She can recognize us calling her by name, either Claire or sissy 🙂

We have officially entered the super fun phase which I think lasts from 8 months-18 months where they switch from newborn to fun baby and fledgling toddler!  I love to see their personality develop!!

We love you C!
And here’s E at eight months!

Feeding baby with Happy Baby Yogurt!


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Good morning!! I am so excited to share with you some bits about our food journey so far with Claire and a new product, Happy Family Yogurt, that we are absolutely loving!!
When claire was about 4 months old, she moved from the ‘I think she is colicky’ category to the ‘we think she doesn’t like milk’ category.  So we completely switched her to soy formula.  We noticed an almost immediate change in her daytime demeanor, but the nighttime fussiness continued.  SO, we then discovered that she had a bit of acid reflux happening; when we laid her down, it wasn’t great, but when she was upright and began sitting on her own she was ok.  So, we started her on Prevacid when she was about five months old.  That worked for about a week and then we noticed that she was fussy during the day again (keeping in mind that she hasn’t slept through the night up to this point. ever.).  Well, our pediatrician suggested trying some solids and that she might just be ready for that milestone.  So, we gave her a lick of peas from a latching spoon.  WELL, let’s just say she loved it. And we experienced two kids under two sleeping through the night for the first time ever.
And then if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that the night after Claire slept through the first time, E decided now (for the first time ever) was a good time to start waking up crying every 10 minutes.  So, we got Claire on a steady puree diet and tried to figure out what was going on with E.  This was all right around E’s 2nd birthday.

Turns out, E was just used to hearing Claire all night and didn’t have the words to tell us to go check on her–so once she had those words (1.5 MONTHS LATER), we were all squared away.  Check sissy?  YEP, GOING NOW.

Then the constipation started as soon as E settled (I swear they are conspiring).  Our ped said it could be a lot of factors, but since we had mostly figured out the other issues and we didn’t want to mess with too much because she was finally happy for most of the day AND night, we added a small dose of Milk of Magnesia to her morning bottle.  AND cue the happy baby!!

SO, long story long, here we are at almost 8 months, and Claire is still on the Soy, but has dropped the Prevacid.  The only medicine she is currently on is the Milk of Magnesia, which we are hoping to drop once she starts a more regular milk diet.

One way we are starting that is through a small portion of Whole Milk Yogurt each day.  The best part about these, other than the amazing price, is the portion size.  I was so excited when I saw the smaller containers because while a typical large container size is great for someone E’s age, Claire is just not ready for more than a couple of spoonfuls and it felt wasteful when we bought other brands when E was first starting yogurt and didn’t finish them.  Each package comes with six portions that are just right for baby.  Plus, right now, when you head to Walmart to purchase, there is an Ibotta offer back, making each six-container package less than $2.

We picked up two different flavors on the first trip, a plain and a blueberry.  C loved the blueberry on its own and we mixed a puree in with the plain!  They also have a Banana Potato and a Peach Mango variety!

Have you all tried yogurt with your babes when they were little?  It has been a game-changer for both of our girls!! E has had yogurt as a part of her morning breakfast everyday since she was Claire’s age and I really think it has helped in so many ways!
Thoughts?  Have you all tried Happy Baby Yogurt??

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!


Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Littles!


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VALENTINE’s DAY is HERE!  I’m finally coming out of my coma of newborn stage now that C is mostly sleeping through the night.  And I’m ready to get back to sharing all the things I love!
And can you all tell I love shopping for the girls?!  Nevermind I haven’t gotten myself a new pair of pants in 2 years.  Either way, I feel very on top of things this year, but it is mostly because these snow days are really testing my sanity by about noon so nap time = shopping time!  Plus, is it just me or are there some seriously good deals out there right now!?!

Here’s what the girls are getting this year for the ol’ LOVE day!

1. Love is a Truck also very cute paired with the book Love is a Tutu (would be seriously cute for a brother/sister gift!)
2. Besos for Baby
3. This is Not a Valentine
4. Huggy Kissy

5. Both girls are getting these!

6. Heart Pom Pillow for Claire
7. Be Mine Pouch for E
8. Also, I got these boots with V-Day in mind, but with all the snow I think I’ll just give them to her.  With coupon codes, I got them for $15.  Seriously.  If you have a girl, GET THEM. Great deal. **Right now they are $17.99 shipped with code FRESHSTYLE, ITSFREE, and check your email for a unique code for an additional $10 off!
9. Contemplating this necklace for E…
10. Plus red/pink candy, pouches, fruit snacks, etc…

Festive Decor
11. E is going to go to the store and pick out her own Valentine’s–I CANNOT WAIT
12. Stickers
13. How cute are these plates?!

If you need a few other ideas (especially for cute books) you can take a look back at what I got for E last year!  Crazy that this is E’s 3rd Valentine’s day!

What are you all getting your littles?  There’s still time for me to really have this get out of control!  Send me all the ideas!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Claire is Seven Months!


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Well, Seven months is here!! It has been a whirlwind since Six Months with the holidays and Claire’s Baptism!  In the sleep department, we have seen some improvement, but sleeping through the night is still not a guarantee.  She either takes two short naps or one long midday nap.  If she sneaks in a little early evening nap because the timing is off from the other nap/s things might get a little hairy.  She is taking between 30-40 ounces a day PLUS solids.  She’s our eater for sure.  She’s almost 18 pounds, putting her in the 75th percentile.

She also LOVES to take a bath with big sister.  She is almost crawling so can scoot around pretty well in the bath.  I have feeling she is going to be like E and skip right to walking.  She really wants to crawl, but I think by the time she figures it out, she will also have figured out how to walk.  She pulls herself up almost to standing so for E walking was a pretty quick next step.  We shall see!

She is still on her acid reflux meds, but we do not plan on refilling it to see if she has outgrown it.  Claire is pretty hot and cold.  She will be happy as a lark, playing peacefully on her own for two hours and then bam, she loses it for the next hour.  So, we’ve blamed a couple of things, but I just think she knows what she wants, so it should be solved as soon as she can talk 🙂

Overall, I really can’t think of a sweeter babe.  When she’s fussy it is usually for a reason and she returns to her happy self.

Can’t believe we’re already over the hump to ONE YEAR!
We love you little C!

Here is E at Seven Months!