Tuesday Treats!


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Good morning! Hope you are all having a fabulous start to the week! I don’t know about where you all live, but the weather has been fabulous here in Columbus the last few days! However, a sudden rainstorm could also happen any minute…I walk to work so my work bag has become quite full of a variety of wardrobe choices. I move from wellies and a raincoat to a light sweater and flats to sweating and in a tank top by the end of the day and then of course back to the wellies before heading back home. I love it though. Fall and Spring are by far my favorite times of year. Here are some things I am loving for the weather this week!

1. Ray-Ban Wafarers.

2. Produce Soy Candle.

3. Short Rainyday Coat.

4. Loren Hope Earrings.

5. Stripe Fouta Towel.

6. Straw Tote.

7. Leopard Flats.

Hope you all have a happy day!

Accessorizing with Rocksbox!


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Good morning!  Today, I am so excited to share with you a way to accessorize without breaking the bank.  If you are anything like me, sometimes you impulse buy jewelry that you don’t really love. Rocksbox is a unique subscription service that caters to your unique style.  The Rockbox team carefully picks three pieces of jewelry to send to you on loan.  The box comes with a return label so that you can return the pieces after you have worn them to your liking.  As soon as you return the pieces, they send you your next box!  You can customize your box by letting the Rocksbox team know whether you like simple, costume, delicate, gold, silver, etc…I opted for a mixture of delicate and costume, but I definitely prefer gold.

Here is one of the simpler pieces I received and while I don’t normally wear a lot of simple jewelry, I actually really love this piece!

If you settle on a piece you really love, it is simple to purchase through their site!  AND the best part is you receive $10 in rewards each month to put towards a purchase!

So how would you like to receive a free month?  Simply head to Rocksbox and enter the code planningforparisxoxo at checkout!

Hope you all have an amazing day!

Monday Perks: Spring Break Edition!


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Hello spring break!! Sadly, I am not jetting off on some fabulous trip, but I am determined to do things that make me happy amongst the very long list of things I actually have to do this break! I did some damage shopping yesterday, but ya gotta treat yo’ self every once in awhile! Here’s a little roundup of what my Monday is looking like!

1. Rock Solid Hair Band.

2. Aqua Ballpoint Pen.

3. Rifle Paper Legal Pad.

4. Striped Side-zip Tee Dress. Just found this dress on clearance! I had to snag it up!

5. This margarita looks amazing!

6. “Just a Splash” Cocktail Napkin Set.

7. NARS Lipstick in Schiap.

8. Jeweled Sandals.

Hope your week is off to a fabulous start!

Happy Birthday, Matt!


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Wishing my sweet husband a very happy birthday!! I am so glad you were born and chose me to do life with…here’s to many more!!

Love you so much!

*Hip Hip Hooray Print!

Life Lately…


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champagne by Inslee

Hello, dear friends!

Goodness, it’s been entirely too long. AmIright? My fabulous sister has taken over the blog during this crazy time of our lives and for that, I am so stinkin’ grateful. Can we all take a second and ogle her Instagram feed? The colors! The clothes! The cuteness! So dang proud of that sister of mine. When I’m in need of a pick-me-up, I head over to  her IG and stare at the pictures. True story.

Gosh, where do I begin. I’d like to say a lot has happened since the last time I blogged buuuut… *crickets*. I’ve worked and then worked some more. Not a whole lot in between. Residency is kicking my bum but I don’t hate it! I actually really really love it.

I DID find a snazzy kitchen accessory at an antique mall this weekend! Not sure what to call it… is it a kitchen hutch? Repurposed wheelbarrow? Totally NOT old piece of furniture turned into an old-ish looking piece? Probably all of the above. Regardless, I can’t stop staring at it. I think I’m in love.

kitchen hutch 1 kitchen hutch 2 kitchen hutch 3 kitchen hutch 4

Tad and I are headed to The Windy City tomorrow for a weekend anniversary trip! Chicago, here we come! We’ve got quite a to-do list already planned. It starts with brunch at Longman & Eagle on Thursday morning (our flight gets in at 7:30am!) and ends with a Chicago Bulls-New York Knicks basketball game Saturday night. I can’t wait to tell you about all of the goodies we have planned in between! This Ultimate Chicago List from The Neo-Trad helped plan this windy city get-away… so thankful for helpful bloggers with fabulous taste!

We are in desperate need of this vacation and are beyond excited. Think anyone will judge if we order mimosas on our 5:50am flight? #passthechampagne!


Top Image by Inslee

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