Happy Weekend!


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Happy Friday, friends!! I have a quick moment this afternoon because the little one went down for a nap IN HER CRIB!  Baby girl sleeps pretty great at night, but LOVES to be awake/held/in her rocker during the day which means I am sleeping, but productivity during the day is nil.  So let’s get to it: here’s what I am loving this week!

  1. Eleanor’s nursery gotta a little girly update from her Aunt Nennie, who gave her this Oh Joy print from Target.  The whole collection is amazing and it isn’t in any of our Targets!  Auntie to the rescue!
  2. This hat is in the girls’ department, but maybe it will fit me?  I LOVE the color!
  3. Why oh why is this doll sold out?!  I hope it comes back in stock in time for E’s Easter basket!
  4. I have been wanting this vase forever, it’s about time it made it into one of these little roundups!
  5. I treated myself to this bangle and the mom bangle  while out shopping solo the other weekend.  I love having reminders of my sweet girl with me all day–this will be especially important when I return to work in a few weeks!
  6. I need these shoes.
  7. When Matt gets home, he gets his Eleanor and daddy time and mommy heads off to take a shower.  Feels like a trip to the spa with a quick face mask and fancy shower gel!
  8. Speaking of spas…this mama could use a work up.  Hair, nails, and a reminder about how to wear makeup.  Pretty much all I wear is chapstick and when I am feeling fancy, a quick swipe of lip color.  Gotta get back in the groove!

Hope you all have a great weekend!



One Month!


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Happy (late) one month, sweet angel!  SO this is two weeks late, and we forgot to get the monthly sticker things, AND obviously she hates this chair.  BUT, this photo montage does not accurately portray this little girl’s spirit for life.  She is the HAPPIEST baby!  Sure she gets fussy from time to time, but overall, she is happy happy happy.  She smiles now, loves bathtime, loves the Baby Einstein radio station, loves when daddy walks her around the house to look at things, and loves to eat and sleep!

We love you, Eleanor!

Hope you are all having an excellent weekend!


Life Lately…


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We officially brought our sweet pea home December 22nd!  It was a surreal experience walking her through our door and showing her her new home!
(Home Onesie, Bear Slippers-Gap old, may be able to find on clearance in-store?, Swaddle Blanket-JCrew old)

  We had two doctor’s appointments for her in the first week and we were late for both, but she did great!  Back to birth weight within a week!
(Booties-$5 and free shipping!, Car SeatDiaper Bag)

Santa was good to this mama. This year–he knew just what I needed to feel like a human again!
(Sugar Lip TreatmentNARS Eye Makeup RemoverBare Minerals FoundationSephora Sleeping MaskGingham Pouch)

 It was a Happy New Year indeed.  2015 was so so good to us, but we can’t wait for all the fun in 2016!
(Headband, Onesie-JCrew Old)

 We are finally getting some snow and some colder temps!  Our weekends have mostly consisted of laying around in our pjs, making a big pot of soup, and bottomless cups of coffee.

 Her feet absolutely kill me.
(Onesie and Leggings-Target, Rockaroo Infant Seat)

 Eleanor is still not so sure about bathtime.  She sure loves to cuddle after though!
(Babyganics Shampoo + Body WashChanging MatDuck Bath Towel)

  We have had so many wonderful visitors over the last month.  This nursing scarf allows Eleanor and me to actually be with everyone and not holed up in a room!  For 15% off your purchase use code PLANNINGPARIS15!  I love all of their patterns!

 I was able to get out of the house this weekend and all I wanted to do was go look for clothes for baby girl!  Paying full price for baby stuff is just not really my style unless it is something I HAVE to have.  I decided to stop in Once Upon A Child and most of the items were barely touched!  Some of the items I found still had tags!  This is my new spot, I tell you!

So that’s our last month in a nutshell!  It has been such an incredible (and fast) month since our little one entered this world!  We can’t thank you enough for all of the love and support!

Hope you all have a great start to the week!

On Turning 30…


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Well, hello thirty.  If you had asked me a little over 2 weeks ago how I felt about turning 30, the response would not have been great.  When I used to think about what age was ‘grown up’ 30 was it.  It was a birthday I was definitely dreading.  

There was a moment, exactly 2 weeks ago today, that I had an epiphany.  It was Christmas Day and our house was full.  We had just brought Eleanor home 2 days before.  My Dad was cooking an elaborate meal, as usual, while my mom, brother, sister, brother-in-law, husband, Eleanor, and I were sitting in the living room.  We were eagerly anticipating the arrival of Matt’s family that afternoon.  My dad was getting ready to serve cinnamon rolls on a platter we received at our wedding–that we had probably not used until this moment.  And that’s when it hit me.  Everything I have done in my life has led to this very moment.  Growing up in Kansas City, meeting Matt at Purdue and all the memories made in our college years, moving to Virginia to build our little family of two, every friend we’ve met along the way, moving to Columbus, camping trips with friends, buying our first house together, finishing the basement, getting my master’s,  every student I’ve ever taught, all the extra jobs I’ve worked over the years, every coupon I’ve clipped to create my hoard of toilet paper and shampoo, every thoughtful gift we received to build Eleanor’s nursery, every moment: good or bad, has led to this very moment.  This was what it had all been meant for.  I know this sounds super cheesy and I don’t normally get sentimental about a whole lot, but the best way to describe the last few weeks for me, is blessed.  I feel so very blessed.  So turning thirty today feels different than I thought it would.  I’m excited for all that’s in store the next 30 years; all the memories we will have with our sweet Eleanor and all of our friends and family.  

So here’s to the next 30! Let the adventure begin! Cheers!


A New Year with Meijer!


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Good afternoon!  Well, today is my last day in my 20’s.  This year has been the best year of my life as we welcomed our sweet girl into this world.  Having her has made me feel a whole new way about life and health.  Right before I became pregnant with her, I had reshaped my eating habits with the Whole30 program and was working out quite a bit through Class Pass.  Once I became pregnant, my eating habits and pretty much way of life became about what baby girl needed.  I was constantly worried about what I was putting in my body because I knew she was directly getting what I gave her.  I started thinking more about organic products and overall nutrition and not just how to lose those pesky extra pounds.   Now that I have her and am reponsible for both of our nutrition, remembering to keep myself healthy has to be a top priority.  However,  this becomes quite difficult when you don’t know day from night,  you are carrying a nine pound baby all day so you basically only have one free hand at best, and you have absolutely no energy to create a delicious/healthy meal.  Family really saved us the first two weeks, waiting on us hand and foot, but once they left we had to figure out a game plan for staying healthy!

1. Keeping non-perishable items handy like Muscle Milk.  The added  protein helps to keep me full until I can fix a proper meal.  I rarely need more than a few sips so I just keep it in the fridge and sip as needed!

2.  Bananas have always been and always will be my best fruit friend. I had terrible leg cramps during pregnancy and was eating at least 2 bananas a day to keep them at bay.  They are also the perfect vessel for peanut butter and/or Nutella.

3. Matt got a NutriBullet for Christmas so we have been creating smoothies and storing them in individual portions or splitting them for meals with a side of avocado toast.  Delicious!  For a little extra boost, Matt adds protein powder to his!

4. Snack bars.  Everywhere.  I keep them in my nursing caddys, purse, diaper bag, etc…I’ve been stocking up on high protein versions so that they are filling enough that I don’t eat 1,000 of them a day.  Truly, they have been a lifesaver.

It has been a whirlwind year–check back tomorrow for some reflections and more baby pics!–but today I wanted to pop in to share how we are staying healthy in the new year!  What are your resolutions for the year?  What are your tips and tricks for staying healthy?

As always be sure to hop onto Meijer mPerks to load those digital coupons to help save you money on all your health needs this year!

Have a great day!


*this post is sponsored by Meijer, but as always all opinions are my own!


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