Life Lately…


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The babe and me at 34 weeks! 
Things have been super busy, but I have tried to carve out a few calm moments to catch up with friends or sip a decaf latte.

The baby room set up!  More to come soon!

Last weekend was our baby shower with friends and family!  Baby is already so blessed!

Our baby already has the cutest friends in town!

We are nearing 37 weeks and it feels like we are coasting from here!  Baby could be here any day!  My mom and sister headed back to Columbus with us on Sunday for a week of bonding and final baby prep!  EEEK!

What have you all been up to?!  Hope you all have a chance to relax this week with your loved ones!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Road Trip Essentials!


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Good morning, friends!! Long time no see!!  It has been a long few weeks with busy work schedules and a brief stay in the hospital courtesy of a very much accidental run-in with a student.  All is great with baby–and mom and dad are mostly just tired and a little freaked out that baby will be here in exactly one month!

The time has finally arrived for us to celebrate this sweet little nugget so we are jetting off to Matt’s hometown this weekend and then my mom and sister are headed back to Columbus for a week of fun ALL of next week!  To say I am excited would be a serious understatement.

Here are some of my traveling essentials for my final road trip until baby arrives!!

  1. A cute water bottle to stay hydrated.  May mean we have to stop to pee every ten minutes, but it will keep the leg cramps at bay!
  2.  Snacks!  These little morsels of sunflower cinnamon delight are where it’s at!
  3. A cozy blanket scarf.  I scored this little gem at H&M the other weekend and I have basically worn it every single day since.  So so cozy.
  4. A cozy sweater/sweatshirt.  A preggo must.
  5. My trusty hot/cold pack.
  6. NARS Blush.
  7. Fresh Lip Tint in Tulip.
  8. Formula X Nail Color.  This stuff dries SO fast.
  9. Baggu Bags are the
  10. I have posted about these slippers before.  The bottoms are hard, so they are basically like shoes, so that means you can wear them most of the day.

SO, what about you guys, what are you up to this weekend?  What have I missed??

Happy Friday!!




Life Lately…


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Unfortunately, I have to start off with our unhappy news.  We lost our sweet Graham.  Natalie and Tad took him in when he was skin and bones and nourished him in every way possible.  He brought so much happiness to our family.

 Spent a rainy Saturday morning brunching with Amanda from Girl About Columbus and Liz from Breathe It All In at Alchemy.  We chatted over avocado toast and smoothies about all things mommy.  Love these ladies!

Finally got caught up on my snail mail…

 …which included the loads of boxes that have been arriving.  We have not really had the time to go together to pick out what we need, so we opted to have most of it shipped and it was like Christmas morning going through all of it!

The babe and I at 33 weeks!  We threw ourselves a pity party since we didn’t get to go to Florida last weekend and went on a little shopping spree!  We almost have Christmas done!

What the what?! It’s November!!  I feel a certain anxiousness about Christmas’ arrival, but also can’t bear to put away my pumpkins.  Gonna just be a weird hodge podge for awhile!

THE ROYALS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!  So stinkin’ incredible!  My mom was 8 months pregnant with me the last time they won the world series in ’85 and so it just feels like fate.  Can’t wait for our baby to grow up watching the boys in blue!

The baby room is 99% complete.  Come on baby!  We are ready for ya!

What snazzy things have you all been up to?  Hope you have all had an excellent start to November!  Have a great weekend!

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Weekend Wishlist!


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Good morning!!  And happy almost Halloween!  I pretty much celebrate this holiday all month long by binge eating candy and watching Hocus Pocus on repeat.  This weekend  I am flying solo as Matt has jetted off to our dear friends’ wedding in Florida.  I am incredibly sad to be missing it, but with this baby on the horizon in less than 7 weeks, flying just wasn’t an option for me.  SO to cheer myself up, I have planned a mega girly, treat yo’ self, relaxing weekend.  Here’s what’s on the agenda starting at 3:30 today.

  1. Cozying up with pillows and lots o’ blankets is a top priority.  It is absolutely freezing in our house and Matt is a real stickler about that thermostat.  I’m sure he has an app that would alert him if I even walked passed it.
  2. Baking!  Tonight I am thinking pumpkin bread and tomorrow morning these pumpkin spice waffles.
  3. When Matt is not around I actually get to brew my decaf coffee and indulge in perhaps more than my one daily cup.  If I could, I would drink coffee all day long.  Mostly because I have a thing for coffee mugs.
  4. You guys.  How stunning is this chair?  I definitely have some lounging on the agenda this weekend and I certainly wouldn’t mind doing it in this beaut.
  5. I was wearing Essie Smokin’ Hot well before it was seasonally appropriate.  What can I say?  I’m obsessed.
  6. Cute matches and candles.
  7. I was down another three pounds at this week’s appointment.  Soooooooo I’m thinking I can indulge more than normal this weekend?  I want these pretzels!
  8. Cozy slippers are the first thing happening when I get home.  I cannot wait.

I also have high hopes of getting out to do a little shopping this weekend, but I am having a whole lotta trouble with my hips.  I am almost done Christmas shopping and I am determined to finish in the next week or so!  May have to resort to staying cuddled up and having it shipped.  But there’s just something about hitting’ the shops for the holidays!

So what about you all?  What do you have up your sleeves for the big holiday weekend?  Hope you have a marvelous weekend!

Life Lately…


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We have hit the single digit countdown and it’s about all we can do to get ourselves geared up for dinner out.  It feels reminiscent of the first trimester tiredness, except we know how limited our time is just the two of us–so we have really tried to get out and enjoy this weather!

FINALLY found some time and energy to get my hair done and let me tell you, it was a total game-changer.

The boots I mentioned here arrived and I really haven’t worn anything since.  They are absolutely the best.

So much to do–find a pediatrician, daycare provider, put together the baby room, pay bills, prepare meals, thank you notes, BUT Hocus Pocus was beaconing.  FYI–all of these things are still not done.

The babe and I survived our 30 week check up and I was actually down a pound so I decided we need a smoothie and an asiago cheese bagel!

Speaking of smoothies, I am obsessed with them right now.  Particularly the green passion power smoothie from Panera.  Delicious.

I actually have today off work and I have BIG plans to get things done!  What are some things you recommend in the last few weeks?
Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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