Fall Transition Pinspiration!


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Good morning!  If you’ve been following me over on Pinterest lately, you have probably deduced that all I seem to have on the brain lately is how to dress, sweets, and babies.  I am finding that the fall transition has been a little tricky because I haven’t quite splurged on jeans yet.  Next on my list!  But, I have found that those flowy tops that were awkward at the beginning fit quite nicely now that I look pregnant in pretty much everything.  Here are some cute outfit ideas I am thinking for the upcoming weeks!

  1. This simple, but stylish outfit is a must once I get those darn jeans.  Love the red polish with the skinny jeans and simple black flats.
  2. I am all about layers.  Right now in Columbus, it can go from 85 to 70 very quickly and as if that isn’t tricky enough, the air conditioning in our school gets very confused by the weather changes.  It is freezing in my classroom one second and then sweltering the next.  Layers are a must.  This layered dress and military style jacket is perfection.
  3. This is also a dreamy dress/sweater layering option.
  4. It wouldn’t be a fall round-up if there weren’t stripes.  I am loving this striped option.  Looks so cozy!

I am so incredibly excited for fall, can you tell?!  Hope this gave you a little inspiration!  What are you loving for the upcoming season?

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Have a great day!

A Blogiversary + Giveaway!


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Good morning! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This morning we are celebrating three years of this here blog! Can you believe it!? Time has flown. This space has been such a joy and we have you all to thank for that! We have met so many people and stayed in touch with friends and family through this space. You each mean so much to us so, today, we thought we would giveaway a few of our favorite and most posted items to one of you! Giveaway includes Essie Smokin’ Hot,Β Ban.do Twist Scarf in Neon Pink, Rosa Riflepaper Co. Journals, and 3Β Poppin’ Pens!Β Just enter through the rafflecopter link below! Β Giveaway ends on Sunday, winner announced Monday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and thanks so much for following along!
Have a great start to the week!
Natalie and Erin

Fall Essentials: In My Bag!


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Good morning!! Fall has officially hit Columbus. The weather is perfection and I lit my first pumpkin scented candle, so that pretty much makes it official. Here are a couple of things that are must have items in my bag for the fall transition!

  1. This has become an essential. My legs are not doing so hot and need pretty much all the support they can get. And I hear this is pretty great for after the baby too?
  2. It is my mission to stay healthy this season. Already at school we have had projectile vomitters, sneezing galore, and plowed through most of our tissues. Plus, I nanny for two little ones who seem to always have sticky hands. Always. These handy little wipes are amazing–and cute to boot!
  3. I cannot say enough about this planner. Apparently everyone else feels the same way too, because it is sold out everywhere!
  4. I got hooked on Lara Bars when I was doing Whole30 and now I never leave the house without one stashed in my bag. Can’t wait for the release of the seasonal flavors!
  5. In the spring and summer, I wear Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone or Kate Spade Live Colorfully, but once fall hits, I switch over to my absolute favorite perfume of all time: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. The scent is spicier and absolutely perfect for the fall!
  6. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is heaven. I usually switch out my pinks in favor of a redder shade, I have never really looked great in the maroon colors associated with fall. This provides just enough color and is moisturizing at the same time! Win!
  7. Essie Smokin’ Hot. I’ve been wearing this for weeks and I cannot get enough! Love this shade! And does anyone feel like Essie reformulated? It goes on so smooth and dries super fast now!
  8. Dry Shampoo: I never leave the house without it.
  9. This oil has been a Godsend. The constant itching has started and this seems to be the only thing that cures it.
  10. Ok, so I do not actually own this bag, yet. At only $38 it seems like the only real option for fall.
  11. I walk to work, so it is actually becoming that time of year where I do actually carry shoes in my bag. On top of that, I also have this awesome new accessory called compression hose. Finding shoes that work with those all day is pretty much impossible so I like to have options!

So that’s what I am totin’ around these days! What about you? What are your essentials for this season?

Stay tuned Monday for a little giveaway to celebrate 3 YEARS of this here blog! Until then, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Life Lately…


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 A night out at the baseball field was just what the doctor ordered.  All night it felt a little strange that this might be our last baseball game as a family of two.  Can’t wait to share our love of baseball with our little one!

Saturday morning planning and organizing might be my favorite.

I just have to do a little public service announcement about this maternity top.  I will be going and getting it in every single color.

The babe and I at 23 weeks out for a stroll after dinner!

We are in full nesting mode.  I got to do a little prepping upstairs while Matt and his step dad worked away on the basement!

Spent a beautiful Saturday at the winery for a wedding.

We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.  Heartbeat was 150 and everything is looking great!  Next up, glucose test!


 and finally…a huge GOOD LUCK to Natalie as she takes her next round of boards today!! You’ve got this sista!! Love you!
That’s it for me!  Hope you are all having a marvelous start to the week!

Friday Favorites!


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Good morning all! HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Eeek! It’s been a great week, but this mama could use a little r&r. For sure. Here are my little nuggets of joy that have left me smiling all week!

1. Not only is this candle visually appealing, it is lavender scented. Bring on the relaxation!

2. Dior Addict Lip Glow in Sheer Pink Coral. This looks divine.

3. I am a little worried about my next appointment on Monday. They may tell me to slow my roll a little. Sweets are my new thing. Dying to give this chocolate mousse a try.

4. This clipboard is perfect and a pretty reasonable price! Might have to meander over to Papersource very soon!

5. These pens I’m telling you, have magical powers. They have the ability to brighten any day.

6. Chloe Scallop Flats. Ok, so the only way to afford these beauties is to buy them used. And, of course, they are sold out. I am on the hunt for something similar. May just do a shoe post next week.

7. This sweatshirt cracks me up. Onesies, sweaters, and shirts with sayings seem to be the only gender neutral clothing I am finding these days. And I don’t hate it.

8. I am pretty much obsessed with June and January right now. Not real friendly in the gender neutral department, BUT they just launched their new blankets and I am dying. They look so soft and they are darling to boot!

9. I swear I can make these gender neutral. I bought a similar pair about two years ago, WAY before we were ever expecting because I cannot resist a striped shoe. I absolutely cannot wait to dress this baby!

Well, that’s it for me! Hope you all had a great week and found some things that made you smile! Have a wonderful weekend!


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